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Look: Erling Haaland Goes Full Barbie with Luscious Locks and Pink Top

Look: Erling Haaland Goes Full Barbie with Luscious Locks and Pink Top

Erling Haaland is a phenomenon. The 23 year old Norwegian prodigy makes waves wherever he goes.

He has been in sensational form and almost everything he does goes viral around the world in a matter of minutes.

The Manchester City goal machine lets his numbers do the talking. But there are other sides to him than just football.

Barbie spotted in training

Recently, during a training session before the UEFA Super Cup match against Sevilla, Haaland bent forwards to put his head down and let his hair hang freely from his head. He then grabbed his hair and straightened himself to tie it up.

The video went viral on social media and drew a lot of reactions from the fans. His blond hair and pink shirt made the fans call him “Barbie”- yes you read that correctly.

The Hollywood fantasy comedy movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is one of the hottest trending movies in 2023.

One fan said: “I thought that was a promo for Barbie movie before he turned around”.

Another said: “We found the new Barbie 💖”. And another said: “Haaland or Margot Robbie 😭”. However, this is not the first time that the Norwegian has gone viral for his hair.

Where it all began

Not long ago, Erling Haaland came to the training ground in a colourful jumper and with his hair tied in braided pigtails. The fans were quick to compare him with the character “Barbie”.

A City fan commented: “The only Barbie I’ll watch”. Another fan, this one a Manchester United fan, said “Can’t wait for this girl to bang another hattrick against us”.

In another instance, Haaland let his hair down while celebrating a 95th minute winner in a Premier League match against Arsenal.

This time the celebration received mixed reactions. Some fans were enchanted by his looks but others perceived the act as a mark of disrespect towards Arsenal whom City beat by 4-1.

It is interesting to note that in Nordic culture long hair is considered as a symbol of power and strength. On finishing their conquest or completing their task Norse warriors used to put their hair down to send a message.

This might have influenced Haaland to let his hair down as City beat Arsenal by a 3 goal margin.

Whatever the cause might be behind Haaland letting his hair down, one thing is for sure that Haaland’s luscious locks and cute looks make him resemble the character “Barbie”. This proves that Erling Haaland’s looks do as much talking as does his football.