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Dortmund forward Erling Haaland looks unrecognizable with his hair down

Dortmund forward Erling Haaland looks unrecognizable with his hair down

The thought of Erling Haaland brings to mind an almost Terminator-esque figure.

The Norwegian certainly isn’t your regular joe, standing at a colossal 6ft 3, making him almost impossible not to recognize. If that wasn’t enough the 21-year-old also sports a very distinct style of running.

The famous gallop Haaland displays when he’s sprinting down the pitch has a comical quality to it although the defenders he’s charging towards certainly don’t find it amusing.

Adding to his persona is the Norwegian’s signature hairdo.

Leaving the gentleman cut behind last year, Haaland has grown out his hair and now ties them up in a ponytail.

We rarely get to see him let his hair down but thanks to the BVB Twitter account, fans were treated to pictures with the Norwegian looking almost unrecognizable.

The pictures showcased Haaland in a unique avatar, revealing the Norwegian’s glorious golden locks of hair which are usually tucked beneath a hairband.

Reactions from fans on the images were interesting, to say the least. The comparisons to Norse god Thor were of course present, along with many requests for the Norwegians hair routine!

One of the most amusing reactions was the hilarious comparison involving Prince Charming from the animated classic Shrek, and it has to be said that the resemblance is uncanny.

The picture’s caption included ” RT for good luck”, and good fortune is certainly something Dortmund need.

The German outfit have to continue their European exploits in the Europa League after finishing 3rd in their group, meaning you can watch the Norwegian superstar and his hair in all their glory on Thursday nights.