Unreal moment Marlon Torres shows yellow card to opponent under the nose of referee

Former players picking up football management has become a common sight, however, we rarely see players trying their hand at match refereeing.

Well, a Colombian player might break that trend if this little incident is anything go by.

The moment occurred in the Categoría Primera A fixture between America de Cali and Alianza Petrolera.

The game itself was a tense affair as Jhord Moreno cancelled out the home side’s advantage in the 51st minute. After this, the game remained deadlocked until an opportune moment in the final minute of the game.

A last gasp winner always stirs up emotions and that was the case here as the home side managed to grab the lead via a corner.

This led to protests from Petrolera players who argued that a foul had taken place inside the penalty box.

Their protests however were deemed a bit overzealous by the referee who reached into his pocket, ready to brandish a yellow card to Gabriel Molina.

Unfortunately, the card slipped from the ref’s fingertips and instead fell to the turf.

Marlon Torres had no plans of missing out on the opportunity, instantly picking up the card and giving Molina his warning, before duly returning the card back to the referee.

A glimpse into the officiating life surely added to the memorable victory for Torres.