The awkward header attempt that knocked a Reading player off her feet

A Reading’s women player suffered a bizarre injury that left her needing a medical emergency in the FAWSL.

The moment occurred during a fixture between Chelsea and Reading at the Madejski Stadium.

While the game itself was a muted affair as Deanne Rose scored the game’s lone goal for the home side just four minutes into kickoff, the match continued without a spotlight save for the aforesaid incident.

Vying for a header, Reading’s Chloe Peplow and Chelsea’s Jessie Fleming approach one another before the latter moves away from the challenge.

Peplow eventually heads the ball away before the sheer force behind the drop knocks her down.

Peplow was then seen clutching her head, appearing to have suffered a mild injury before the referee stopped the play and urgent medical attention was given.

Replays suggested that in her attempt to head, the midfielder took the ball straight to her face instead.

After a brief moment of examination, Peplow was cleared to take the field again and went on to play the entire minutes of the match.