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Photo of Andy Robertson and shirtless Aston Villa fan leaves Twitter in stitches

Photo of Andy Robertson and shirtless Aston Villa fan leaves Twitter in stitches

Andy Robertson certainly had no idea he’d end up being the centre of an awkward, meme-worthy picture on the internet. But that’s what exactly happened following Liverpool’s encounter at Anfield against Aston Villa. 

The image emerged after the conclusion of the game in which the full-back can be seen competing for the ball alongside Villa’s goalkeeper Emi Martinez.  

The angle of the moment caught on the lens was such that Robertson’s right hand appeared to be over a spectator’s nippular area, who stood bare-chested in the background with only a jacket and a cap on.

The perfectly timed picture of Robertson “nipple pinching” the spectator was shared on Twitter by the Redmen TV and fans were quick to follow, unleashing a barrage of memes.

Some of them took note of Robertson’s ability to shoot the ball while simultaneously nipple pinching the fan.

Others were jokes made in reference to the aged spectator who braved the cold wearing only a hat and a jacket without anything underneath.   

The picture even caught the attention of Robertson himself, who decided to cash in on the joke by sharing it on his Instagram.

The Scotsman uploaded two pictures of the incident, one of them being a close-up image zooming in on the “pinching” aspect.      

Considered a funnyman in the locker room at Anfield, Robertson continues to live up to the expectation of being humorous and one of Europe’s best full-back at the moment.

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