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Did Andy Robertson Really Bring His Pet Parrot to a Scotland Match? Optical Illusion Explained

Did Andy Robertson Really Bring His Pet Parrot to a Scotland Match? Optical Illusion Explained

Andy Robertson produced a devoted performance for Scotland in their 1-1 draw against Switzerland in the second stage of the Euro 2024 group stages.

Scotland will now need to win their final match (against Hungary) to have a chance  of making it to the knockout stages.

Robertson, who has made 73 appearances for Scotland, has had an eventful stint in his international career.

It’s been filled with memorable moments, including a really strange one that happened a few years ago.

Ahead of an international match for Scotland quite a few years ago, the Liverpool left-back was standing beside former Scottish goalkeeper David Marshall.

Marshall retired from international football in 2021, so this happened during the final phase of his international career for his country.

In what was a UEFA affiliated game, Marshall and Robertson decided to stand together for the national anthem.

But something that really confused a lot of fans watching on TV is what appeared to be a blue/green parrot sitting on the shoulder of the Liverpool left-back during the entire ordeal.

On a normal first look, it seems quite clear that a bright bird has nested upon Robertson’s body and is seemingly singing on the anthem with him.

Some fans even joked that it might actually be the left-back’s own pet parrot that he decided to bring along to accompany him before the match in a mascot role.

It’ll probably take the average person a few good looks and a bit zooming in before realizing that this is actually a very clever optical illusion.

For those unknowing, an optical illusion is ‘something that tricks your eyes and makes you think you see something that is not really there, or see it differently from how it really is.’

For the Robertson picture, the illusion of a parrot has actually been created by the things that Marshall is carrying with him while having his left arm on top of the left-back’s shoulders.

Marshall decided to wear bright green gloves for the occasion and was holding onto them with his left hand, which produces the color of a green parrot. Moreover, the green color of the grass also helps to complete the illusion.

The illusion is completed by a water bottle that the goalkeeper is holding, which has a glassy-exterior and blue colors to complete the break of the ‘bird’.

This aspect is also helped by the UEFA advertising board at the background serving as an ideal backdrop for the blue aspect of the illusion too.

This image was actually taken many years ago, but has only started going viral among some Scottish fans amid their participation in Euro 2024.

Robertson has not exactly reacted to this crazy optical illusion making fans lose their mind on the internet, but he’d probably find it hilarious and rather impressive too.