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How Much Does the Neymar-themed T-shirt Worn by Victor Osimhen Costs?

How Much Does the Neymar-themed T-shirt Worn by Victor Osimhen Costs?

Ask any child aspiring to be a footballer. Ask yourself if you are one – who is your idol, your hero? For most, the answer will be a superstar kicking the leather ball on the TV screens.

For those growing up in the rough terrain of Edo, Nigeria, this remains a constant. Even in the 2000s, this never changed and the brightest star who came out from the populated state, Victor Osimhen, also found his hero amongst those under the flashbulbs.

Recently, a picture on social media piqued the interest of the fans featuring Victor Osimhen. The Napoli forward was sporting a black t-shirt with Neymar Jr.‘s multiple visages on it.

Following a tough season with Napoli, it’s time for a lengthy vacation for Osimhen. While he boarded a private jet, his clothing indicated his fondness for the Brazilian icon.

The demand for the tee was visible in the comments of the fans and if you’re looking for one, you can get it on Athentiq’s website. All you have to do is select the proper size and shell out €39.99.

The tee features six figures of Neymar on the front and 6 corresponding Panini cards printed on the back. Neymar’s full name is also written right under the cluster of cards. The CBF logo and a World Cup are printed at the bottom corners with all his accomplishments in between.

Victor Osimhen’s admiration for Neymar is no secret. ‘So when we played PSG in Paris, in the tunnel, he (Neymar) came out, and I was staring at him like,’ the Nigerian said in 2019, according to soccernet. Back then, Osimhen represented Lille following his summer move from Wolfsburg.

Though, now at the peak of his career, Osimhen is not too keen on joining Neymar in Saudi Arabia. Speculations ran rampant last summer about Saudi clubs attempting to rope in the Nigerian. But for Osimhen, that wasn’t an option. ‘If I had the same conditions, I would go to MLS,’ said Osimhen during a Twitch stream.

Barcelona had their eye on the powerful striker as a possible replacement for Luis Suárez, but that didn’t happen, which could have allowed him to emulate his idol.

Despite his fondness for the former Barcelona winger, Osimhen’s idol growing up was Didier Drogba. Last year, he also discussed fellow African superstar, Sadio Mane, and how the former Liverpool ace served as an inspiration to him.

‘I am inspired by Sadio Mane. But I have a different goal compared to his. He is building infrastructure for the community of Senegal. That is awesome. But for me, I want to help disabled challenged people across Africa. I will always do my best to help where I can help. I am in the process of opening headquarters in Africa that will help to achieve this goal,’ said Osimhen.

After his injury last year, NJR failed to make the Brazil squad for the 2024 Copa America. His career is going in the opposite direction to that of Osimhen, who has more to conquer. Just like Neymar Jr., Drogba, and Mane inspired Osimhen, someday the Nigerian might inspire future talents in the game, with his story being conveyed on a t-shirt.