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Arab Cup incident shows Hannibal Mejbri has mastered dark arts at age 18

Arab Cup incident shows Hannibal Mejbri has mastered dark arts at age 18

Everyone loves some good old sh*thousery, at least as a neutral supporter. When these moments serve a purpose, such as running down the clock, they gain even more appreciation.

Classics such as a coincidental cramp in the final minute of the game or a punt across the pitch before the final whistle are of course much loved.

One can even get a bit innovative and accuse the referee of some foul play, perfectly demonstrated by Palmeiras player Deyverson last month.

However, the need for rolling on the pitch feigning an injury is deemed futile when simply ‘taking the p*ss’ can get the job done.

Case in point, Manchester United U-23 midfielder Hannibal Mejbri’s display of some sarcastic sincerity.

The 18-year-old delivered a man-of-the-match performance for Tunisia against UAE during the inaugural FIFA Arab Cup.

The announcement of his withdrawal in the 88th minute was met with a standing ovation from the stands.

Mejbri saw this as a moment to run the clock down and help assure his nation’s victory.

He began his slow walk to the dugout firstly by applauding his supporter’s adoration for him, he followed it up with a handshake with the referee, before beginning his slow stride once again.

One opposition player was clearly annoyed with what he saw as he went up to the 18-year-old and asked him to hurry up.

Mejbri replied by offering a handshake to the player, probably sarcastically, leaving his opponent looking puzzled perfectly summing up the moment.