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How Ricardo Quaresma fights time-wasting injuries

How Ricardo Quaresma fights time-wasting injuries

Time wasting antics are always hilarious to witness, at least for neutral supporters.

An unfortunate cramp, little delays in ball recovery or simply hoofing the ball as hard as you can are some classic methods of running down the clock.

Usually, these antics are met with complaints from players and groans by opposition fans.

Former Barcelona and Inter Milan man Ricardo Quaresma gave fans his method of dealing with such situations during Vitoria de Guimaraes’ game against Belenenses.

The Primeira Liga game between 6th placed Guimaraes and bottom-placed Belenenses was supposed to be a routine win for Quaresma’s side.

Unfortunately, they found themselves trailing due to a goal in the second half and naturally they were eager to find the equalizer.

Their opponents, who had only won twice throughout the season so far, were less enthusiastic about getting on with it and were grabbing every opportunity to waste a bit of time.

And as such, midfielder Afonso Sousa decided to go down in added time.

Feigning an injury to waste time, Sousa knew exactly what he was doing and so did Quaresma.

Annoyed by what he saw, the Portuguese quickly walked on over to Sousa and cradled him in his arms like a baby.

Enraged by the move, Sousa begins mouthing at Quaresma whilst being in his arms.

Belenenses players soon surround Quaresma and he is forced to let go after which he also receives a booking.

Despite the 38-year-old’s positive intentions, the move ended up aiding his opponent’s cause as it wasted more time.

Nonetheless, Quaresma’s no-nonsense attitude did give fans a hilarious moment.