Young fan wearing Man United jersey grabs selfie with Wayne Rooney in the middle of game

Former Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney’s career is a remarkable one. 

At the Red Devils, the forward collected an impressive trophy haul and also became the club’s all-time top scorer. 

Now showing his managerial chops at the helm of Derby County, Rooney achieved another rare feat.

The former English International became perhaps one of the only managers to have ever been asked for a selfie in the middle of a game. 

The Rams, who are currently fighting a relegation battle after being handed a 21 point penalty, visited Riverside in the hope of earning some very valuable points.

Rooney has done immensely well to try and give his side a fighting chance, unfortunately, on this occasion, they were handed a 4-1 defeat.

The former England international certainly wasn’t a happy figure throughout the game, although this fan’s antics did help put a hint of a smile on his face.

During the 83rd minute, the cameras turned to the managerial area after a fan, sporting a United jersey, rushed into the area with the sole intention of grabbing a selfie with Rooney.

The United legend obliged and sent the young fan back on his way with a slight pat on his back.

The surprising incident is best summed up by the reactions of the commentators, who like us, simply couldn’t believe it.

Derby welcome Peterborough to Pride Park next, a crucial clash between two relegation candidates, one which either side will hope to earn a point from.