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The concept kit Chelsea fans are drooling over after Club World Cup triumph

The concept kit Chelsea fans are drooling over after Club World Cup triumph

Chelsea recently triumphed in Abu Dhabi and added the FIFA Club World Cup to their illustrious haul of silverware.

Contested among the league winners of tournaments conducted by various federations, the CWC winners get the honour of adding a special badge to their kit.

The Blues will now get the same privilege and can wear the badge on their Champions League kits.

And as such, special concept kits have been floating around, created by fans, which celebrate Chelsea’s win.

One of these by ‘Morgan R Design’ seems to have become a favourite amongst the Blues faithful.

The kit borrows from the officially released ‘Pride Of London‘ pre-match Jersey and features thematic similarities.

The base design remains the same with thick alternating stripes of dark blue and a bluish-black.

The concept also keeps the sponsor logos gold just like its counterpart, the logos themselves do see change.

Instead of Trivago, it’s kit sponsor ‘Three UK’ logo that have been emblazoned in gold.

The iconic lion in the club crest remains the same colour but is no longer enclosed within a circle and also features 2 stars added above it.

The stars indicate Chelsea’s Champions League wins.

The Nike ‘Swoosh’ logo and CWC logo round out the base.

In contrast with the pre-match shirt, the concept adds a collar, one which includes golden edges and gives the design an opulent touch.

The sleeves also include the golden edges, rounding off the design.

Reactions to kits have been largely positive, many Blues fans even tagged kit sponsor Nike in their replies and called for the kit to become a reality.