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Chelsea release new prematch shirt as part of Pride of London range

Chelsea release new prematch shirt as part of Pride of London range

Today, Premier League heavyweights Chelsea released their long-awaited pre-match kit.

Initially suspected to be the fourth kit, the club have revealed that it is actually a pre-match shirt and have launched it alongside off-pitch gear.

Dubbed the ‘Pride of London’ collection, the fashion apparels draw inspiration from London streetwear and Chelsea’s recent successes.

The collection includes shirts, jerseys, hoodies, pullovers etc, and also features different patterns in terms of design.

Thematically, the collection leans into the ‘Pride of London’ branding, delivering a classy and grandiose look.

At the centre of the concept is the colour scheme which features tones of blue, dark blue, black and gold.

The pre-match Jersey, includes thick stripes running horizontally across it alternating between a blackened blue shade and a more traditional shade of blue.

Chelsea crest sees a change as well, the iconic lion is now gold colour alongside with the sponsor logos rounding off the jersey.

The Golden Lion looks to be pivotal to the theme and it is emblazoned on all the apparel that is part of the collection.

Naturally, instant comparisons were drawn to Inter Milan’s traditional home kits (cue in shots at Lukaku).

Aside from that, the general consensus among fans was positive and many were impressed with the collection.

For all admirers who might be interested in acquiring one of these for themselves, the entire collection is available on the Chelsea store.