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First look at the new sneakers from Arsenal x Stella McCartney Collection

First look at the new sneakers from Arsenal x Stella McCartney Collection

Sportswear brand Adidas have recently begun a venture into the high fashion world and have collaborated with luxury fashion Brand Stella McCartney. Their collaboration also ropes in Premier League heavyweights Arsenal and the first image of the results have started to appear. 

The Gunners have consistently knocked it out of the park when it comes to apparel and special kits, and their potential latest offering looks to follow suit.

The Arsenal x Stella McCartney collection will include a t-shirt and a pair of trainers. This will be the first instance wherein SMC has designed a collection for a football club. Initial looks at the shirt showcase a graphic ‘animal-inspired design, along with randomized stripes. The t-shirt will feature a red base and the aforementioned stripes will run across it with a blue shade. 

In newly released images, fans can now have a look at the trainers. They are set to be primarily white featuring a similar ‘animal-inspired graphic across the sole. 

Additional blue markers at the front round off the design and it’s complete with the custom logo. The insoles look to be red and include the Adidas x Stella McCartney branding. So far, the trainers looked to have split opinions amongst Gooners. Some appreciate the clean presentation, whereas others are put off by the leopard print. 

A notable complaint amongst fans looked to be the absence of more Red, after all, it is the traditional colour of the Gunners. The bold design choices were always going to lead to mixed reactions, we’ll learn more about the overall opinion once they are available for viewing for larger audiences. 

While there is no confirmation as of yet, it is expected that the collection will be released soon.