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Kylian Mbappe produces outside of the boot assist that would make Quaresma proud

Kylian Mbappe produces outside of the boot assist that would make Quaresma proud

Kylian Mbappe has become a pillar for Paris Saint-Germain with his performances rescuing the club in tight matches throughout the season.

A recent example would be last week’s Champions League tie against Real Madrid when he silenced Carlo Ancelotti’s men with a last-minute victory.

Fans swayed their heads in amazement as the 23-year-old once again put Parc des Paris under his spell with a tremendous performance against St. Etienne.

Mbappe provided clinical finishes to both of Lionel Messi’s visionary passes before following the footsteps of the seven-time Ballon d’Or by producing one of his best passes of the season.

While fans enjoyed watching Mbappe’s goals lead him to the top of PSG’s all-time goal records, the Frenchman’s assist possibly outshone his brilliant brace.

The former Monaco star was running towards the six yards box when he effortlessly lifted the ball with an outside-the-boot chip that found the way to the net with a Danilo Perreira header.

The stadium lit up with such a powerful display and the energy reflected on social media soon after.

Users took to Twitter to praise the young lad as they celebrated his ‘Trivela’ assist.

Fans also drew comparisons to former Chelsea winger Ricardo Quaresma who was known for successfully scoring goals with the ‘Trivela’ shot.

Danilo Perreira was left lauding the assist in his post-match interview.

The win on Saturday steered PSG 16 points clear from the second place holding Nice, as the French giants prepare themselves for the second leg of the Champions League tie at Santiago Bernabeu.

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