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Even Kylian Mbappe’s bathroom has Real Madrid posters

Even Kylian Mbappe’s bathroom has Real Madrid posters

Kylian Mbappe’s love for Spanish giants Real Madrid certainly is no secret.

From images of Mbappe’s childhood bedroom adorned with posters of the Los Blancos to his new comic strip depicting the Frenchman’s visit to the Bernabeu, his Madrid fandom is well-documented.

Adding another tidbit to the love affair are these comments from former PSG board member Luis Ferrer.

In an interview with AS, Ferrer spoke about the long and arduous process which led to PSG finally procuring Mbappe’s services from AS Monaco.

One could assume that a transfer to the Parisiens at the age of just 18 would’ve received instant approval from Mbappe, however that wasn’t the case.

One of the obstacles PSG faced was in fact Mbappe’s Merengue fandom, as revealed by Ferrer.

The Parisiens transfer strategy included a trip to Mbappe’s home, one which outlined the challenge they faced.

Ferrer shared an anecdote about the visit, “I and Henrique went to Mbappé’s house to convince him to sign him for PSG. I had to go to the bathroom, and even in the bathroom there were so many pictures of Madrid, I called Antero: go into the bathroom and see what’s there. That was our situation” (AS).

Keeping this in mind, it does make one wonder how different Mbappe’s career trajectory could’ve been had Real Madrid gone all-in for the Frenchman during that transfer window.

Nonetheless, the 23-year-old’s move to his beloved club looks increasingly inevitable, and January offers an opportunity for Mbappe to sign a pre-contract with Madrid, confirming his next destination.