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5 ways fans reacted to Romelu Lukaku’s explosive interview with Sky Italia

5 ways fans reacted to Romelu Lukaku’s explosive interview with Sky Italia

Ever since making his Stamford Bridge return, Romelu Lukaku is yet to put on a display that is symptomatic of his fierce exploits as seen during his stint at Inter Milan.

And perhaps the blame lies in the kind of system Thomas Tuchel employs at Chelsea, which doesn’t compliment Lukaku’s style of play, as revealed by the Belgian striker in a rather startling interview.

Appearing for Sky Italia (via BBC), the 28-year-old professed his love for the Nerazzurri, while also hinting at his displeasure with Tuchel’s tactics, despite pledging to remain professional as long as playing for the Blues.

Suffice to say, the responses to the contentious comments were immediate and understandably dramatic, with Twitterati having a field day at Lukaku’s expense.  

Blue wrath

The most predictable reaction was that of those who felt Lukaku was perhaps being ungrateful to Chelsea, having joined the club for a whopping record £100m.

And his stay at the West London outfit amounting to less than only 6 months so far doesn’t warrant such ungracious quotes, as pointed out by a fan.

Klopp control

Supporters of other clubs weren’t far behind in tendering their opinion, as one Liverpool fan made a point about Jurgen Klopp’s ability to maintain cohesion within his ranks, something he appeared to insinuate was lacking on Tuchel’s part.

Tammy > Rom

Other reactions were in line with those who felt Lukaku was outright wrong in responding the way he did, comparing his situation with another former Blue Tammy Abraham, who didn’t have much to say despite not being fancied at Chelsea.

‘We told you so’

Some also made known the show of similar behaviour while Lukaku was at Manchester United, with the striker reacting unceremoniously when questions were levelled at his work ethic and fitness.   


And memes, as ever, based on Lukaku’s desire to return to Inter were icing on the cake, as far as neutral observers are concerned.

In any case, the Belgian international might have made the situation worse for himself by saying things which, in retrospect, perhaps were better left unsaid.