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Here’s why part two of Romelu Lukaku’s interview was even worse

Here’s why part two of Romelu Lukaku’s interview was even worse

Romelu Lukaku’s interview with Sky Sports Italia aired last night and the comments that surfaced led to some very extreme reactions.

In the interview, the Belgian spoke fondly about his old club expressing his desire to return on multiple instances and also citing problems with his current boss Thomas Tuchel.

Naturally, this incurred the wrath of Blues fans and Lukaku gained quite a bit of infamy amongst the Chelsea Faithful.

Unfortunately, that certainly isn’t the end of the saga.

Apparently, the footage that came to light last night was merely part 1, and the extended interview got released today.

Conducted in Italian, initial transactions of the discourse certainly won’t make for comfortable reading for Blues fans.

Throughout the second part, Lukaku reinstated his desire to remain at the Nerazzurri, even stating that Inter’s denial of extending his contract was essentially the reason for the move to Chelsea.

In fact, the entire interview features many tidbits which showcase Lukaku’s love for Inter due to which it comes off as a love letter to his spell in Milan.

The second part also reaffirms his sentiment to return to the club, as it features the Belgian asking former strike partner Lautaro Martinez to remain at Inter instead of joining him at Chelsea because of his desire to return.

This of course is not a good look for Chelsea’s record signing and scathing opinions from Blues fans, who seem to be at their wit’s end with the striker, flooded in.

Despite all the praise, he imparted on his former club via this interview, Lukaku managed to gain notoriety amongst Inter Milan fans with this statement.

Nerazzurri fans have interpreted the comment as an implication that Inter was merely a stepping stone to further success in Lukaku’s career.

The saga looks far from over, but as of right now, Romelu Lukaku certainly isn’t a popular figure at his current club and by the looks of it his former one too.