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EA to feature Erling Haaland’s ‘hunched over’ running style on FIFA 22

EA to feature Erling Haaland’s ‘hunched over’ running style on FIFA 22

EA Sports are doing an incredible job every year with their annual releases of the world-famous FIFA game, as every new version of the game is more realistic than the previous one.

Players’ faces, their characteristic abilities and their playing styles are all replicated more and more accurately with every edition of the game.

And it seems the upcoming FIFA 22 will feature Erling Haaland’s running type on the roster too. The Norwegian has received a star player animation.

The Borussia Dortmund forward is mostly known for his extraordinary goalscoring numbers. But another aspect of his playing style that often catches attention is his hunched-over running style.

Haaland’s wild sprinting action attracted a lot of attention when he burst out on the global scene.

And now that he is truly established as one of the best young players across the planet, FIFA has decided to award him with his signature running style on the new edition of the game – as seen from the gameplay snippet that has gone viral online.

In the snippet, Haaland is seen to be running at goal in his unique style – hunched over and with his arms & legs flailing.

The Norwegian superstar caps it off with a brilliant left-footed finish into the top left corner – a very accurate replication of a sight that Borussia Dortmund fans will be way too familiar with.