Watch: Erling Haaland’s solo workout post training proves indefatigable attitude

If there is something that makes Erling Haaland even more of a generational talent than his incredible goalscoring numbers, it is his indefatigable urge to keep getting better all the time.

Already a football superstar and one of the most sought-after players on the planet, the Norwegian forward is motivated by his hunger to brush up on the parts of his game where he lacks expertise – right-foot finishing and headers.

The Borussia Dortmund forward stayed back long after his teammates were gone, as footage showed Haaland working solo in training yesterday.

Haaland was accompanied by a coach and a goalkeeper in the rain as he was seen practising different situations – and testing his ability to find the back of the net regardless of the passage of play he might find himself in.

Besides the passing and receiving drills, Haaland also took some extra time out to work on his finishing – Haaland is already one of the most clinical finishers in the world, but the greatest sign of a world-class footballer is his willingness to improve further.

The decision to stay back and train further to improve his game speaks volumes about the Norwegian’s humility and hunger to learn and get better with time.

All the flattering attention that Haaland has received over the past year could have well tampered with the young talent’s focus – but the post-training routine suggests that Haaland is obsessed with going to the very top of the game.