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Wolfsburg fan gives ‘up yours’ gesture during back and forth with Erling Haaland

Wolfsburg fan gives ‘up yours’ gesture during back and forth with Erling Haaland

Due to his relentless goalscoring, Erling Haaland has often been compared to a robot. Adding further weight to the claim that the Norwegian is a footballing machine is the fact that he recovered from
a hip injury an entire month earlier than expected. The wunderkind wasted no time in getting back to speed either.

Coming off the bench in the 72nd minute of Dortmund’s game against Wolfsburg, it took Haaland just 7 minutes to score his 10th goal in the Bundesliga this season.

The goal itself was a beauty as well. Latching onto a cross from Julain Draxler, the Norwegian produced an incredible acrobatic effort, leaving goalkeeper Pervan clueless. In the process, Haaland also broke a Bundesliga record, becoming the fastest player to reach a half-century of goals in the German league.

However, not everyone was happy to see the Norwegian back on the pitch. Wolfsburg supporters would be reasonably irked at Haaland’s acrobatic finish as it all but confirmed their side’s loss. One green-clad fan, in particular, had it in for Haaland and she made sure to let the 21-year-old know.

In the hilarious clip going viral, Haaland can be seen going over to the home fans and performing his signature ‘knee and point’ celebration, prompting a Wolfsburg to retort with an indecent gesture, all in good fun though.

Props must go out to the cameraman for capturing one of the clips of the season already, Haaland himself thought so as he tweeted about it after the game.