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Man of Culture: Erling Haaland performs Arab greeting with Mahmoud Dahoud

Man of Culture: Erling Haaland performs Arab greeting with Mahmoud Dahoud

Erling Haaland marked his return from injury with an emphatic goal against Wolfsburg. It took the Norwegian just 7 minutes to register his name on the scoresheet and get back to his sublime form in front of goal.

His celebration was quite a highlight too, featuring an annoyed Wolfsburg supporter offering him an indecent gesture.

While that clip continues to trend online, his mini celebration with teammate Mahmoud Dahoud should not go unnoticed.

It seems like Haaland has left his “flow kingz” days behind and evolved into a man of culture. After his goal celebration, the Norwegian went over to Dahoud and performed a Kurdish greeting.

Dahoud, who hails from Amuda, a predominantly Kurdish town in Syria would have certainly appreciated the gesture.

The two Dortmund players perfectly demonstrate what a Kurdish Greeting essentially is. Usually, between 2 males, it is a hug followed by alternating kisses on both cheeks, be it 2,3,4 or 5 in number.

Fans on Twitter however were quick to argue about the exact number with some saying it should be 3 kisses rather than 4.

There also seemed to be a general confusion regarding the origin of the greeting, some saying Arab and some saying Kurdish.

The particulars don’t matter, what matters is the moment and it sure was a wholesome one.

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