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Watch Erling Haaland stay calm by singing during win against Eintract Frankfurt

Watch Erling Haaland stay calm by singing during win against Eintract Frankfurt

While his talent is undeniably praiseworthy, Erling Haaland also possesses a rather likeable character.

Be it his vague replies to questions or the unintentionally hilarious looks he offers to interviewers, Haaland has won over fans by simply being himself.

Part of his charm comes from a rather relatable chapter in his life, namely his ‘Flowkingz’ phase.

While the Norwegian didn’t exactly bust out a verse, he was seen singing along to a note in this clip which has been going viral.

The clip comes from Borussia Dortmund’s sensational comeback against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Finding themselves facing a 2-goal deficit, the black and yellow struck thrice in the second half including two goals in 4 minutes to earn all 3 points.

Haaland failed to get on the scoresheet but he did manage to assist Dortmund’s first goal, scored by Thorgan Hazard.

The clip in question features Haaland stationed alongside Thorgan Hazard at the corner flag, gearing up for their set-piece.

The aim from the 94th-minute corner seemed clear, some classic time-wasting.

As his teammates argued that the opposition player got a bit too close, Haaland stood with an air of nonchalance.

Right before receiving the ball from Hazard, the striker could be heard casually singing ‘na na na na’.

Don’t let the harmonious approach fool you, as the striker was far from indifferent, he cleverly struck the ball at a charging opposition player causing it to go out of play, and hence wasting some more time.

The passionate figure that he is, Haaland celebrated another corner gloriously, bursting into a full-fledged “yeah!”.