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What Erling Haaland plans to do once he hangs up his boots

What Erling Haaland plans to do once he hangs up his boots

Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland at the age of 21 has already established himself as one of the best players in European football.

The towering Norwegian is a goalscoring machine and has netted 56 goals in 57 games for the Black and Yellow.

His admirers are aplenty, and some of Europe’s top clubs aren’t already making inroads and attempts to sign the striker next season.

The world is his oyster and Haaland will most likely take the next step in his career in the coming transfer window.

While a glittering career awaits the Norwegian, it would be surprising to know that Haaland has already given retirement plans a thought.

The 21-year-old recently gave an interview with ESPN FC, one which covered all the bases.

From role models to inspirations and dreams, the interview gave fans deeper insight into the Norwegian.

Erling Haaland doing farming activities

Another topic of conversation which popped up was retirement plans.

Haaland stated his wish for a rather low-key retirement, instead of going into punditry and coaching as has become the norm these days.

He said, “when it’s possible I’m trying to relax my head as much as I can”.

“For example, being on a farm driving a tractor or feeding the cows or whatever, I will for sure in the future”

The interviewer then asked him if he would like to own a farm in the future, the striker agreed and said, “yeah, I think I will have a small farm after I retire.”

“I don’t know where but I’m quite sure I will have some animals”

The plans don’t come off as ones that were imagined on the spot and it’s likely that the flamboyant Norwegian has given it some thought.

While the prospect sounds calming and peaceful, Haaland has a long way to go before arriving at that stage, a journey which by the looks of it, is going to have plenty of records and silverware.