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Look: Son Heung-min Unveils Big News in Nothing Ordinary, Sunday Sweatshirt

Look: Son Heung-min Unveils Big News in Nothing Ordinary, Sunday Sweatshirt

Son Heung-Min can be described as the ‘face’ of Asian Football and the pride of the South Korean football scene.

He is one of the most well-recognized Asian footballers across the planet and someone who has proven that Asian footballers can succeed at the very top level of the European scene with his heroics at Tottenham Hotspur.

However, Son was not able to really ‘conquer’ Asia and came up short with his South Korea side at the 2024 AFC Asian Cup. They were defeated in the semi-finals and finished fourth in a competition many expected them to win.

Moreover, there has also been some controversy coming out of the South Korean camp from the tournament that caught many fans by surprise.

 It has been reported that Son actually had a scuffle with some of his younger teammates during the camp.

The Spurs star reportedly discolated his fingers in a heated scuffle with teammate and PSG man Kang-In Lee, after being annoyed with seeing his younger teammates playing ping pong. The Spurs man was seen with his fingers attached together with tape after returning from the AFC Asian Cup.

However, with cooler heads prevailing, both players have clarified their misunderstanding.

Kang-In Lee has already apologized for the incident and recently flew down to London to solve things in person with the national team captain.

Son posted a picture hugging the PSG star and urged the South Korean fans to forgive them both and allow them to move past this embarrassing incident.

Additionally, he also seemed to be sporting a cool sweatshirt in the picture that is actually manufactured by his own fashion label NOS7.

Son puts Nothing Ordinary, Sunday in spotlight

Son launched his own fashion brand NOS7 (Nothing, Ordinary Sunday) in 2022.

The brand also has its own stores across South Korea and also has its online stores – both for the Korean fanatics as well as those around the world.

This particular shirt that Son is wearing in the picture with his South Korean teammate is the NOS7 Cursive sweatshirt. It’s a beautiful cream colored attire with the brand’s ‘Nothing Ordinary Sunday’ and the signature of the brand also imprinted in the middle.

As per the online store, this is of a 100% cotton fibre material. It’s also stated that there a heavy juri fabric is also used for this attire, which helps to ensure that the smoothness of the material stays the same after washing.

Moreover, the added softness to the attire comes thanks to the use of Enzymes and the entire processing which comes with making these attires is done in South Korea itself.

Unfortunately for those looking to get their hands onto it, this sweatshirt is sold out in the NOS7 global and the South Korean stores – probably because it was hoarded out after Son posted his picture wearing it.  

However, the NOS7 attires are actually not that expensive at all and another sweatshirt as the one Son is wearing costs around $77.60!

Son is quite proud of his fashion label as seen from his latest Instagram stunt. He even promoted it among his Spurs teammates in 2022, when the Lilywhites visited South Korea for a pre-season tour and Son gifted them all NOS7 products soon after the brand was launched.

The Tottenham Hotspur star might be an ambassador for British luxury brand Burberry and sometimes do modeling gigs for fashion lines, but he obviously has a special connection to his own fashion label and is discreetly, but surely, ensuring to promote it as much as he can on social media.