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Look: Son Heung-Min Shows Singing Talent in New South Korean Ad

Look: Son Heung-Min Shows Singing Talent in New South Korean Ad

Tottenham Hotspur captain Son Heung-min has shaped himself to be one of the most marketable footballers in the world. He’s definitely the most valuable Asian footballer around and the pride of South Korea for his heroics at the world stage.

Due to his immense popularity, Son has become a darling child for many brands. He has already partnered up to be an ambassador for a host of lucrative companies.

This includes his well-acclaimed partnership with UK fashion brand Burberry, while he also has deals with Pepsi, Calvin Klein and Samsung in which he features in their advertisement to promote their products.

However, the South Korean star is also very fond of promoting local brands in his country too.

The 28-year-old, of course, has his own clothing company named NOS7 (Nothing, Ordinary Sunday). He’s also done work to promote Korean brands like Hy (one of the largest food companies) and Tumi (luxury luggage brand).

Recently, however, Son has gone viral among the Tottenham Hotspur fans for featuring in a advertisement that shows his vocal talent (or lack thereof).

He seems to have partnered up with South Korean travel company ‘Good Choice Company’ – which is among the premier travel booking platform in the country.

The company was founded in 2015, but has already risen into a go-to option for millions of South Korean people in less than a decade. Basically, what the company does is help book an entire vacation for people – which includes travel, hotel stay, car services and also local sight-seeing.

They claim to have over 4.4 million active monthly users and offer reliable elements like round-the-clock customer service and premium accommodation. Moreover, one can book their entire vacation by using their application or using online services.

They have been able to rope in Son to feature in their latest advertisement in which they even managed to get the Spurs captain to sing a hilarious verse.

It’s quite clear by watching the clip and hearing the South Korean’s voice that it has been autotuned, but some fans feel even doing that hasn’t really help Son’s case at all.

In the video, Son can be seen travelling from South Korea to London (where he resides for most of the year) and basically urging others to trust the Good Choice Company to take care of their vacation headaches.

Even though he’s obviously singing in the Korean language, the translation for his lyrics comes out as this: “This summer! All summer Put it here when you travel! (flat) Several times! It’s time when to do it here. How about here when you travel.”

Son has definitely shown an animated side of himself in this advertisement, and is earning a lot of love from his South Korean fanatics.

The Spurs fan also love how cute he seems to be in this advertisement, despite his hilarious singing voice.

Moreover, the bit of a ‘skip’ he seems to do towards the end of the commercial is also attracting a lot of attention as fans just can’t seem to get enough of how funny the advertisement really is.

But for the Good Choice Company, bagging Son for a brand deal is like striking gold.

They have also used his persona for other adverts, as the Tottenham captain was seen posing for one of their picture advertisements wearing a £117 Portuguese Flannel vacation shirt.

Son is clearly loving doing all these quirky advertisements because it’s definitely helping him financially and adding to his list of lucrative sponsors.

The South Korean star has recognized his power of being a bona fide superstar for a lot of brands and is using his immense popularity to ensure that, at least money-wise, he’s set up for life.