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Inside Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s Deep Passion for Coffee

Inside Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s Deep Passion for Coffee

What are the choices of drinks that footballers are associated with?

Apart from the usual energy drinks that slap images of athletes’ faces to signify their ability to perk up performance, you wouldn’t be called out for choosing alcohol. But what about coffee?

Football is a busy sport that features rapid action for 90 minutes, at a pace that will make the autobahn look like a pedestrian walk.

On the contrary, making coffee, the right way, is an arduous process from choosing beans to making it at the correct temperature.

So coffee is naturally not the most associated with footballers.

But just like that one employee with filter paper, German and Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen is the flagbearer of coffee in the footballing universe. 

In a recent advertisement video, MATS as fans call him, was seen during his morning routine.

He was seen opening a cup of coffee, pouring coffee beans into a grinder, and then setting his coffee maker to make a perfect cup of latte.

And like a seasoned barista, he even made the most perfect tulip. The video has confirmed his status among the most famous coffee aficionados of the world. 

Actually, the video was shot for Cafe De Finca, a Barcelona-based roastery that was founded in 2009.

The establishment boasts a congregation of sports superstars. Former LA Lakers superstars Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol, former La Liga midfielder Mario Suarez and Colombian great Radamel Falcao are some of the investors in the business.

Earlier in 2023, Ter Stegen also became an investor in the company. 

The video also featured Moelk oat milks. Moelk is a company founded by Ter Stegen’s compatriot and teammate Kevin Trapp who currently plays for Eintracht Frankfurt.

According to reports, Ter Stegen has also invested in the company. Moelk makes high-performance plant-based milk for athletes and enthusiasts. It looks like the Puqpress coffee machine is the only thing in the video where Ter Stegen has not invested, yet. 

Ter Stegen’s obsession with coffee however, has been a known fact for a long time. During an interview in 2020, Ter Stegen spoke about how much he loves coffee.

He said, in the same tone, in another interview in 2023, “I like preparing [coffee], it relaxes me. I start every morning with the coffeemaker, while my wife makes breakfast. We enjoy the routine.” But it all started from the inquisition about coffee machines.

Talking about his days after arriving in the Catalan capital, the German said, “At first, I was interested in the brands of the coffee machines. Then, I started visiting different places, asking what kind of grinder they used… and I never stopped.”

However, his exceptional barista skills did not save him from the doubters online. People soon called him out for his drop in form in recent times.

While some fans took the opportunity to even suggest him to leave Barcelona.

Judging by the situation, looks like Ter Stegen has his future in the beverage industry pretty nailed on despite his future in Barcelona being under the scalpel.