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James Maddison offers rare glimpse into life of a Premier League footballer

James Maddison offers rare glimpse into life of a Premier League footballer

The dream of being a professional footballer is one that is shared by many, though only a few end up realizing it. The luxurious lifestyle that comes with being a star on the field makes the profession all the more fascinating, one that is likely to arouse envy.

Leicester star James Maddison is certainly one of those who has gone on to turn this enviable dream into a reality. Playing for the Foxes in the top-flight of English football, the 25-year old seems to have the world at his feet.

And in case you’re wondering what it’s like being someone like him, you can now get a taste of Maddison’s life, albeit virtually as the midfielder posted a behind-the-scenes video of what it means to be a footballer playing in the Premier League.

The video, which is under a minute, was shared by Maddison on his social media profiles and begins in his home where viewers are shown the midfielder’s opulent collection of shoes and wardrobes.

Before driving off for training in his Lamborghini, the video cuts to show Maddison’s toddler beaming with joy. 

After arriving at Seagrave, Maddison gives unprecedented access to Leicester’s world-class training facilities, including glimpses of the dining room, dressing room, gym, hydrotherapy and much more.

Maddison can also be seen in the video having a breakfast of omelette and beans and coffee while hanging out with the likes of teammates Hamza Choudhury and Harvey Barnes.

After calling it a day at training, the midfielder arrives home to walk his two dogs before the video ends abruptly while Maddison plays with his toddler.

The video, set to the tune of ‘Day in the life’, is a sunny promise of what the beautiful game can beget, provided one continues to slog hours in pursuit of being a professional someday. 

It surely ought to inspire budding footballers in their journey!