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What Each James Maddison Tattoo Represents and Why They Matter

What Each James Maddison Tattoo Represents and Why They Matter

James Maddison has a particular obsession when it comes to body tattoos and has been getting brand new inks ever since he emerged as a professional football.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder is actually one of the rare top-level footballers with tattoos inked all over his body.

Normally, footballers tend to get one or two tattoos of things that are close to them.

Maddison, however, seems to be intent on basically covering his entire body with different tattoo designs. It probably started in his younger days and the more popular he has become, the more James has inked tattoos into different areas of his body.

His two arms, for one, are totally covered with tattoos. Perhaps his most famous tattoos are in his right hand, which is inspired by Harry Potter.

In his right hand, there is a tattoo of Harry Potter’s famous forehead scar, the elder wand and also a design of platform 9 and three-quarters.

There is no inner meaning behind this, but only a case of fanboyism from the Spurs man. He spoke about his love for Harry Potter last year and also revealed that watching the Harry Potter movies has become a tradition at his household for every Christmas.

But those designs only make for a few of a huge bunch of tattoos all over his body. He has quite a few tattoos that were inspired by his time at Leicester and his achievements at the club too.

Maddison actually has a cute orange fox tattoo on his body, which pays homage to the ‘Foxes’ nickname of his former side.

Not only that, but there is also a beautiful tattoo on his right leg that was done after he won the FA Cup title with Leicester a few years ago.

The tattoo is a scripture of him alongside the FA Cup trophy looking at the Wembley Stadium, which is the ultimate memory of how he was able to lift the trophy at the iconic stadium.

Maddison also seems to be a religious man who has shown his faith in Christianity in the form of a beautiful tattoo on his left arm.

There is a tattoo of a crucifix that is hung around folding arms, which has religious significance and mostly signifies the belief in Christianity.

He also has a Roman numeric number tattoo on his right forearm, which is mostly created to commemorate a special day in one’s life.

The Tottenham Hotspur star also has a few random tattoos all over his body.

He has a tattoo of the video game character Crash Bandicoot and the character of ‘Olaf’ from Frozen on his hands, which only shows how big of a geek he truly is.

He also has a tattoo of a football wearing a crown, which is mostly created to show one’s love for the beautiful game.

There are some rather touching or poignant little tattoos all over Maddison’s body too.

He inked the name of a young cancer victim a few years ago named ‘Sophie’, whom he met when he was at Norwich City.

The Englishman has also inked a tattoo ‘fearless’ on the back of his neck, which is an homage to the courageous footballer that he is.

He also has a lot of other small tattoo designs done all over his right hand, which includes an eight of diamonds card (which signifies financial change) and a picture of a handshake tattoo design on his right arm.

It’s quite clear that Maddison is totally infatuated with making different tattoos of things that he loves. He’s probably set the record in the current Spurs squad in terms of having the most tattoos for any player in the squad and is unlikely to stop getting new inks.