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The Top 5 Tattoos Of Kevin Durant: From Tupac To Winged Angel

The Top 5 Tattoos Of Kevin Durant: From Tupac To Winged Angel

Kevin Durant, or KD, is widely regarded as one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA. The 34-year-old has been featured in the NBA All-Star 13 times. The Phoenix Suns ace has won the NBA Championships for two straight seasons while playing for the Warriors back in 2017 and 2018.

Other than being a basketball superstar, Durant seems to be obsessed with inking his body. The 6″10 has over 15 tattoos on his body, making him one of the most tattooed players in the NBA.

KD claims to have received tattoos in areas that aren’t usually visible. It was not long ago when Durant revealed his chest covered with various tattoos that fans discovered his obsession with ink. Though most of them hint at his religious beliefs, Durant has some of the craziest tattoos in the NBA.

1. Tupac, Left Leg

Durant has the portrait of legendary American rapper and music icon Late Tupac Shakur on his left leg.

It’s a well-known fact that Kevin is a Tupac fan. Not just his music, Kevin has also been influenced by the rapper’s political work and attitude. He claimed to be in great admiration of Tupac’s beliefs and how he stood by them.

“He meant so much to having me just think a different way” KD once said in an interview.

2. Rick James, Left Thigh

Just like Tupac’s portrait, KD also has a portrait of late American singer and pop icon Rick James on his left thigh.

Growing up, Durant often came across Rick James’ music, and as per him, Rick’s music had a great impact on his personal life.

Durant was also greatly inspired by the American singer’s political views and the way he stood for his self freedom.

“Rick James personified freedom”, stated Kevin while explaining his tattoo. “He’s a big piece of my life. In a weird-ass, crazy way, Rick James meant so much to me.”

3. An Angel, Back

A huge tattoo of an angel with giant wings covers Durant’s entire back. The angel could be seen holding a basketball in its hand.

Though Durant himself never explained this tattoo, it could be safe to say that the art represents his religious beliefs, and is also a symbol of good luck.

A pair of hands representing the number “35” enclose the angel. With 35 being Kevin’s shirt number, the idea behind this tattoo is pretty obvious.

4. Hut and 301, Abdomen

Around his lower stomach and abdomen, Durant has a tattoo of a hut of some sort, with the digits “301” just under it.

Kevin explained that the Hut symbolizes the house he grew up in as a child, and the number “301” is the area code of the house.

There’s also the letter “W” next to the house, which represents Durant’s hometown, Washington.

Fun fact – Kevin once admitted to disliking this tattoo.

5. Dove And Barbara, Right Pectoral

Above his right pec, Durant has a tattoo of a dove on his chest. The dove is followed by the name “Barbara” immediately under it. Dove is a symbol of love and peace.

Barbara is Kevin’s grandma’s name. Growing up, Kevin was extremely close to her grandma, who raised him after his parents got divorced when young Kevin was just 13 years old. Kevin doesn’t shy away from expressing his love for his dear grandma, and the tattoo with the dove is just another symbol of that.