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Look: Lionel Messi Fulfills Promise To Get New Copa America Tattoo

Look: Lionel Messi Fulfills Promise To Get New Copa America Tattoo

Lionel Messi has inked a lot of special tattoos all over his body throughout his career, but the newest one pays special homage to his heroics with Argentina.

The PSG star has seen his international career peak over the last year or so and seen years of disappointments redeemed by winning the two biggest trophies possible at the international stages.

Indeed, Messi was able to put the ghost of Copa America’s past to bed last summer – as he guided La Albicelestes to winning the coveted trophy in 2022. But the biggest prize was reserved for the end of the year.

Leo channeled something truly special in himself to guide Argentina to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup, winning the biggest international trophy that evaded him all through his career.

Leo Messi unveils newest leg tattoo

The PSG superstar is currently on an international break with Argentina and helping them with their qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

It anyways appears that Messi is currently more determined to play for Argentina than he is for the French club, as he seemingly puts in more effort to excel with his national team too.

Messi has also revealed the newest tattoo on his body during this break period with Argentina. In a recent picture in which he posed with teammate and best buddy Rodrigo De Paul as well as a fan, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Leo had inked a new tattoo on his left leg.

The Argentine star has a picture of a card with five Copa America cups. This appears to have only been done recently and adds to the collection of different tattoos scripted on his left leg.

Leo already had the name of his son Thiago scripted on his left calf, along with a picture of his young son’s hands. He also had the number 10 on his left foot, along with a picture of a football on his shin.

Messi had actually covered the majority of his left leg with black ink to cover up tattoos of a sword, red rose, and angel wings – that he got earlier in his career. But it appears that he got this new tattoo on the part which was covered up by the black ink.

The meaning behind Messi’s new tattoo

There is a very special reason behind Messi getting this new tattoo on his leg. While fans might be surprised by the reason behind getting this unique card with five cup figures, it is actually him paying homage to something that scripted the start of his international success with Argentina over the last year.

Before last year’s Copa America final against Brazil, Leo was playing with some of his friends in Argentina and asked him to pick from a bunch of cards.

One included the card with five Copa America trophies, with four cups representing each of the previous international cup (World Cup and Copa America) finals they had lost. The fifth signified their success in winning their fifth final and Messi ended up picking that card.

Soon after that, Leo & co broke their international drought to finally win a major international trophy in their fifth final. Messi had promised to make a tattoo of that card if Argentina won the Copa America last year – and he’s kept his word by inking it into his body forever.

Despite claims of the 2022 World Cup being his final one, Messi doesn’t seem to be done with Argentina at all. He’s still determined to win more cup finals with them and add more international silverware to his arsenal, which could perhaps also inspire him to get more tattoos dedicated to his success with the Albicelestes.