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These Photos Of Jack Harlow Without Beard Are Traumatic AF

These Photos Of Jack Harlow Without Beard Are Traumatic AF

Pop stars and rappers make headlines for everything they do, whether it’s Jack Harlow’s facial hair or Taylor Swift’s tour. Ranging from what they eat to which brands they wear, everything makes a trend. One of the top things that keep their fans on their toes is their appearance. Whether it’s Michael Jackson’s nose, Kim Kardashian’s body, or Jack Harlow’s beard, their looks can make many fans go crazy. 

Talking about the “What’s poppin” singer, Jack Harlow, he is as famous for his curls and beard as he is for his music. If that doesn’t underline the popularity of his locks and facial hair, then consider this: the hashtag #jackharlowhaircut has over 30 BILLION views on Tik Tok. 

When his features are so famous, any changes in them make a story in the media that lasts for years to come. One such topic is Jack Harlow’s beard. Every time he chooses to go beardless, the fans are quick to react. 

Fans are horrified

If you have not seen Jack Harlow’s scruffy beard look, you are really missing out. His signature appearance of a well-maintained curly hairdo paired with his glorious beard is what Jack Harlow is known for. And when he wears a classic pair of glasses, that is what we call a curly-haired, grown-up, Harry Potter look. 

So, when Jack Harlow decided to chop off his stubble, the fans were not having it. They could not believe that Jack Harlow’s face behind his statement beard looks so different. Here are a few reactions of netizens:

“Jack Harlow. Just some A+ anti-grooming—a scruffy beard and some floppy curls add up to way more than the sum of their parts.” This comment seemed rather rough but that is one of the reactions that Harlow’s beardless look garnered.

Another person went on to comment, “Looking like an albino salamander.”

While one person appreciated his look with facial hair with this comment, “He definitely leveled up with the bread,” other user was not kind, “NOOOO JACK HARLOW W NO BEARD LOOK LIKE A BLOB FISHHH CRINNNEEEEE.”

People have been so shocked that they supported this comment by a user, “He looks like an unassuming lesbian in the first pic. men always get sensitive when women point out how a beard is their version of makeup…”bUt ItS nATuRaL” ok…cause god knew you needed to hide that chin.”

The shock of the people is obvious because when someone says “beard”, we automatically think of Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Jack Harlow. 

How to maintain a Jack Harlow-style beard

Jack Harlow’s starter pack comprises a scruffy beard, curly locks, and a full-blown hip-hop vibe. He has experimented with his beard styles over the years. All of them impressed the fans. On the other hand, his beardless looks seem to traumatize the netizens. Light stubble, fully grown beard, short-haired beard, etc. are some of the different beard styles of Jack Harlow that have made the news. 

If Harlow can’t rock a well-groomed stubble, no one else can. While many fans argue that he has some surgical treatment done to his chin, it is pretty evident that Jack knows where to let his facial hair slay. Here’s the trick, he doesn’t let the hair grow on his chin. What he has figured over the years is that his rather small chin supports a stubble that grows around it, not on it. So, what’s the secret behind Jack Harlow’s beard? A piece of good knowledge about his facial structure and an amazing salon!