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Watch: Lionel Messi does a little jig for Olympics participants

Watch: Lionel Messi does a little jig for Olympics participants

Lionel Messi was spotted dancing. Yes, you heard it right.

Lifting the Copa America was one of the last pieces of the puzzle in Messi’s extremely well-decorated career, and the man has never looked back since – as he seems to be well and truly enjoying his best life.

As a result of the Copa America win that has eluded him for so many years, the Barcelona legend now seems to be quite a different person than the one we have seen so far.

In fact, in all the years in his illustrious career, Messi was never one to perform a dance routine – until now, when he was spotted pulling a few steps for the Argentine delegation of the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

A happy Messi was seen to be churning out a few dance steps in a gig that has gone viral online, surprising even his biggest fans about his change of demeanour after the title win.

The Argentine superstar recently said that the Copa America trophy completes his desire of winning major silverware for his country after years of failure at the final hurdle.

“There’s peace in my soul now that I have managed to win a trophy with Argentina. Now it is time to put the foot on the gas a little bit more and give people around the world the best of the few years left in my career performances that will be remembered forever,” said Messi.

It is certainly going to be interesting to see what version of the little Argentine magician we see for the next couple of years, as the greatest player of all time will continue to turn out in the famous colours of FC Barcelona.