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All About The Upcoming Argentina Copa America 2024 Home Kit

All About The Upcoming Argentina Copa America 2024 Home Kit

Over six months have passed since Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and put an end to a near-four decade wait for the coveted championship. Lionel Messi was able to fulfil his prophecy of winning arguably the biggest trophy in the final stages of his highly decorated, iconic career.

Argentina have since been able to celebrate with the trophy in their home country and won every single game played since their World Cup win. With the domestic season now coming to an end, Argentina will be back in action in June for a few upcoming friendly matches.

La Albieceleste are well aware of how the fun and games are now over and that they need to go beyond their celebration phase to focus on maintaining their dominance over international football for years to come. They definitely have a quality squad that is able to maintain their dominant phase and Messi isn’t exactly retiring anytime soon either.

After the friendly matches, Argentina will be playing in the qualifying stages of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. However, the next ‘big’ competition that La Albieceleste will compete in will be the 2024 Copa America.

It’ll see them head into the competition as defending champions, having won the 2020 edition in dramatic fashion. It appears that Adidas have already designed a specialized home kit for their home kit for Copa America 2024, which includes some special additions.

The Argentina home kit for that competition will see them embrace their iconic colours of white with traditional blue stripes. But there are considerable changes made to the version that they wore in the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

For one, the colour font for the logos in their kit has been changed from black to gold. This is a fitting tribute to them heading into the next Copa America edition as the defending South American and World champions – as the colour gold is often associated with reigning champions in the world of football.

There haven’t been many changes made to the blue stripes, which have a similar design to their jerseys over the past few years. However, there is a third star added just above their national crest – which signifies their third World Cup victory in Qatar. In a slight tweak from previous additions, Adidas have decided to slightly position the new third star just a bit above the previous two stars that were already visible in previous editions of the home kit.

While nothing has been confirmed so far, as this is only an early leaked version of the 2024 Copa America kit, this jersey is expected to be launched in the window of November 2024-March 2024. With the Copa America 2024 starting in June of next year, it’ll only be logical for Adidas to launch this in advance to boost sales – knowing how people from all over the world will be scrambling to get their hands on it.

The price of the current Argentina national team home kit is around £80 ($100) – but it’s only logical to expect the price of this 2024 Copa America home kit to be slightly higher upon launch because of the demand around it.

Fans have already seemingly fallen in love with the design and how excellent the kit looks despite being quite simple. Some have even compared it to the Argentina home kit for the 2010-2011 period – where the crest was clearly different and the jersey number was on display on the front.

Adidas appears to have struck gold with this beautiful version of Argentina’s home kit as they want to at least ensure that the World Champions head into the 2024 Copa America looking extremely stylish on the pitch.

Raphael Park

Thursday 16th of November 2023

ok, it's 2022 world cup not 2023