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The iconic Leo Messi chant even Argentina players can’t resist but sing

The iconic Leo Messi chant even Argentina players can’t resist but sing

It was only fitting that Argentina picked up the ‘Finalissima’ trophy on Wednesday after the nation won the competition the last time it was rolled out with Diego Maradona in 1993.

Almost thirty years since then, Argentina beat Italy 3-0 at Wembley and saw Leo Messi pick up the same trophy after an influential performance from the little magician.

When UEFA and CONMEBOL announced the return of the one-off tournament between the Copa America winners and the European Champions in 2020, it was done so in honour of Maradona who had passed away tragically during this time.

As Argentina took the field at Wembley in front of a packed crowd led by perhaps the greatest ever player from their country since Maradona, there was a sense of confidence and determination in them that the trophy was indeed coming back with them.

Messi delivers a dazzling Finalissima display

Despite his struggles with Paris Saint-Germain this season, Messi pulled out an absolute masterclass as he was spotted toying with the Italian defence.

The latter could not cope with the Argentine who teed up Lautaro Martinez to open the scoring after which Angel Di Maria added a second to take a commanding 2-0 lead into halftime.

With Messi once again setting up Paulo Dybala in stoppage time in the second half, the Albiceleste rounded off a strong display against a deflated Italy.

Following their Copa success, Argentina have added another trophy as they prepare for the World Cup in November and the players at full-time did not fail to recognize the efforts of their captain as Messi was hoisted up in the air during celebrations.

The iconic Messi chant at Wembley

The rest of the squad in a huddle around Messi were also seen chanting “De la mano de Leo Messi” (hand in hand with Leo Messi) as the group took note of the ex-Barca man’s consistent service for the national team even during some of its tough periods in the last decade.

This catchy chant was even sung by the Argentina fans outside Wembley ahead of the game against Italy. The roots of this chant can be traced back to as far as Argentina’s 2014 World Cup game against Bosnia and Herzegovina when fans sang this Spanish chant inside the stadium.

What are the lyrics of the De la mano de Leo Messi chant

In its original form in Spanish, the chant goes – “Volveremos volveremos, volveremos otra vez, vamos a salir campeones. Como en el 86.”

“Veni veni, canta conmigo, que un amigo vas a encontrar y de la mano, de Leo Messi. Toda la vuelta vamos a dar.”

When translated into English, it goes – “We will, we will, we will do it again, we will be the champions. Like we were in ’86.”

“Come come, sing with me, that you will find a friend and hand in hand, by Leo Messi. We will go all the way around.”

Having beat the reigning European Champions where they picked up the trophy last year against England, Argentina would be heading into the World Cup full in full confidence and would be hoping to secure the elusive trophy for their national hero and legend of the game.