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Why Jude Bellingham Finds Language Barrier at Real Madrid Funny

Why Jude Bellingham Finds Language Barrier at Real Madrid Funny

Jude Bellingham is a world phenomenon. A force of nature. Signing for Real Madrid last summer from Borussia Dortmund with a lofty price tag for 100 million euros, it’s fair to say, he has hit the ground running almost immediately.

Bellingham has wasted absolutely no time in making his presence felt for Real Madrid. He has scored 16 goals this season in LaLiga, the leading goal scorer in the league and assisted another 4. In the Champions League as well, Jude is putting the world on notice with 7 goals and 4 assists and let’s not forget the clutch nature of these goal contributions. All these numbers would be more than a decent return for a forward. Bellingham is a midfielder.

A leading man for Los Blancos now, Bellingham’s efficiency is through the roof and is certainly down to coach Carlo Ancelotti’s set up, designed especially to bank on the skills of the Englishman. Ancelotti’s system intends to position Bellingham closer to his Brazilian teammates, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo. The slick link up play and combinations between the trio has been the recipe for success for Real Madrid along with Jude’s brilliant performances.

However, this kind of telepathic combinations must require some kind of communication between them right? With the team consisting of many Brazilian and French players, how does Jude Bellingham get his message across to his teammates? After all, settling in and communication barriers are some of the intangible aspects of a transfer.

Well, in a recent interview with Topps, Jude was asked how does he manage to communicate with the rest of his team, especially the forwards who are Brazilian and do not really know how to speak English. A cause of concern really, his response though, really provided some insight and left the netizens laughing.

According to Bellingham, the squad manages to get by just fine. He said they communicate by speaking a mixture of English and Spanish, ‘Spanglish’, mixed in with some weird French. Even Portuguese is a choice of language when discussing tactics. Mix in some other distinct languages as well, Jude says they usually end up making words at this point.

While Jude continues to improve his command over the Spanish language, he admits that he enjoys it when his teammates have a go at conversing in English with him. Although he finds it incredibly humorous, he certainly respects the effort, as though, the same can be said about the entire Real Madrid squad.

If anything, this sums up Real Madrid perfectly. No matter the opposition, the difficulties, they always find a way to win. To get the job done. This attitude, clearly reflects their conduct off the pitch as well. As Bellingham himself struggles sometimes to get his message across due to the language barrier, the squad tries to accommodate to him as well whilst not expecting only Jude to do the same.

A sign of real team chemistry and bond, these small efforts really go a long way in building synergy between the players. After all in the Champions League, it is often used as a fatal secret weapon coupled with luck that only Real Madrid possess.