Freelance designer creates masterpiece commemorating Liverpool’s Champions League win

The world watched as Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool toppled Tottenham in a 2-0 win to lift the Champions League in Madrid.

Dethroning Real Madrid and ending the Spanish hegemony over the trophy took a heroic journey for the Reds, who were fighting for a place in the top four of the Premier League, a couple of seasons back.

An independent designer who goes by the moniker @UKILFC has produced the perfect embodiment of what Liverpool have achieved this season.

Done with utmost subtlety, the post consists of four pictures featuring the Captain Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Divock Origi and Andy Robertson.

Each of them in the foreground is holding the Champions League Trophy, while in the background are the pictures of their younger days when it all started.

Captioned as “Dream”, it indeed is a unique way of portraying stories.

Illustrating Jordan Henderson’s career from his Sunderland days, Alexander-Arnold when he was just a kid in the Liverpool academy, Origi’s journey since his childhood and the days when Robertson was playing in the 3rd tier of Scottish football.

The designer has previously posted splendid graphics of players and teams, but this particular one has caught our eye with the way it sends us pondering about a story in the depths of time.

It had been widely praised for the artistic brilliance it portrays in the simplest of ways possible.

A crowning achievement in the world of freelance designing, check out the illustrations below –


(Video) Fair play to Jurgen Klopp for going to Jan Vertonghen before his Liverpool players after the final whistle in Madrid

Jurgen Klopp is a passionate manager. He has never been shy in expressing joy, excitement, anxiety and all possible emotions in the field.

From his epic fist-pumps to his hilarious rundowns on the sidelines, he’s done it all!

At Anfield, he’s known for the almost infinite number of hugs that his players and staff receive from him after every game, which only shows the respect he has for his players who work hard and give it all on the pitch for him.

So it isn’t a surprise that we saw all these emotions in what was arguably the best night of his career in Madrid when he guided Liverpool to the Champions League trophy.

He is no stranger to coming up short at the finals, having lost six cup finals he must’ve exactly known what Mauricio Pochettino was going through. Unlike the animated Klopp that fans normally see, he first went and calmly shook hands and exchanged a few words with Pochettino.

What was also commendable was the fact that he took time to console a heartbroken Jan Vertonghen picking him up and visibly congratulating him before celebrating the huge win with his players. Check out the moment in the video below –

Klopp came in to manage Liverpool in 2015 after successfully transforming Borussia Dortmund into the German powerhouse of a club in his seven-year stint at the club. He’s already replicated his legacy with the Reds as well!

He is an absolute fan favourite as he constantly interacts with them and sings the anthems along with them. He’s bought in a genuine euphoria about Liverpool and the way they play with his high pressing and attacking football.

Not just the fans but he’s also made the management pretty satisfied. When he started at Anfield, the squad value of Liverpool was €400 million, which is now valued at €1.1 billion. Brand Finance report values Liverpool at £1.02 billion – making them the sixth biggest club in the world (Give Me Sport).


Bigger parade than City – Photo of African Liverpool fans having their own victory parade goes viral

What is football without the fans? They are the ones who inject life to an ordinary game and keep it alive in their stories, because in the end football is just stories and what a great story Liverpool have.

They boast the most passionate fanbase in England, and their fans are spread far and wide into the world.

Liverpool had been starved of success in recent years, but their loyal supporters have stood by the team and have backed their manager who have now won them the biggest trophy that European football has to offer.

After winning the Champions league for the 6th time, Jurgen Klopp’s men arrived at Liverpool and were welcomed with a 16 km long open bus parade, in which the police estimated that more than 750,000 fans turned out.

Not everybody was there to experience the magic of the Merseyside. So it seems a few fans, somewhere in the continent of Africa, created their own victory parade on an open car and the sight of it absolutely embodies the true beauty of the game.

The picture was posted on Reddit and drew praise from users around the world.

Via Reddit

However, it didn’t take long for users to start mocking the recent arch rivals of Liverpool, Manchester City.

Often targeted for their lack of loyal supporters, City’s Premier League victory parade was much laughed upon as their bus was surrounded by just a handful of fans.

Previously, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City just did enough to keep their noses ahead after what had been a breathtaking title race.

History books are littered with the famous rivalry between Manchester and the Merseysiders, but this time the former comes in a shade of blue.

Already termed as the next “big thing” in European football, we are already expecting a lot from both the sides next season.


Adidas hits it out of the park with a sensational ad featuring Liverpool star Mo Salah

The voice captivating and the picture spellbinding, an absolute thing of beauty Adidas has created, just like the Reds last season.

Titled  “Mo Salah | Create Your Own Ending”, Adidas released an advert as soon as Liverpool lifted the Champions League in Madrid for the sixth time.

But it was in Anfield where the real magic happened. When the Reds came back against Barcelona to win 4-0, what went down to be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of this beautiful game.

Something mesmerising and similar to what had happened in Istanbul back in 2005 when the flagbearer of that win and their legendary captain Steven Gerrard brought home the Champions League after 21 long years.

“Steven Gerrard and Mo Salah know what it takes to make a proper comeback in the UEFA Champions League”  – wrote Adidas Football.

We can see it in the comment section which is filled with the writings about the hope that Salah has provided to the people back in his own country and neighbouring countries that are caught up in violence and poverty.

Narrating the herculean journey throughout this European campaign, Steven Gerrard walks us through by telling what it takes to make a comeback at this level.

The injury & defeat that brought grief & agony to Mohamed Salah and Liverpool after their loss against Real Madrid did indeed play a part.

It took something special to have faith and have a go again, except this time ‘you create your own ending.’

Check out the immaculate ad below –


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp dominates all-German survey ahead of Pep and Pochettino

Famed German outlet Kicker organised a survey to select the best managers who are currently reigning in the world of football. They questioned 250 Bundesliga players on a multitude of matters along with their choice of best manager in Europe.

Poll Results

  • 66 % (165 out of 250) voted for Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp.
  • 18.4 % of votes went to Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola (2nd)

The Merseyside club soared in the Premier League and clinched the Champions League this season and a big part of that was the guy at the helm, Jurgen Klopp.

Ajax manager Erik ten Hag and Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino picked up 3.6% and 3.2% respectively in the all-German survey.

Ajax were brilliant in the Champions League as they demolished two of the biggest European football clubs in Real Madrid and Juventus. But they lost out in the semi-finals to Pochettino-led Tottenham.

However, Tottenham too was crushed by Klopp and his Merseyside army in the finals as the Reds became the champions of Europe.

Thus it’s only fitting that the Liverpool manager be crowned as the best manager of the season.

Check out the full results of the poll below –


New footage shows what Roberto Firmino did when the ref blew the full-time whistle in Madrid

9 days after their exhilarating victory in Madrid, the fans are still celebrating and why not. Liverpool endured a season to remember. Finishing the league with 97 points and only beaten to a relentless Manchester City side.

The UEFA Champions League final in Madrid was a game that completely turned the tide and made up for the league sorrow that the lads endured.

Liverpool went in as favourites but in the game of football, one can never write anyone out. As expected, Liverpool came out on top in the final and won it 2-0.

The celebrations since then have been astounding and impeccable. With around 750,000 fans attending the parade around the team bus, the event was truly a memorable one.

Fans have been waiting for silverware and some taste of success. The last trophy won was a league cup back in 2012 and ever since, the club has endured a drought period.

Jurgen Klopp however has managed to completely change the energy levels of both the fans and players and boy what a change that has been!

Firmino goes cannonball during celebrations

With a ton of videos circulating on the internet since the win, many people have just taken notice to what Roberto Firmino produced at the full-time whistle in Madrid. A wild somersault!

Watch below:

Roberto Firmino is surely a fan favourite with his karate kick celebrations and no-look goals. A player of his class and craziness is the right mix for a club like Liverpool who are aiming to regain the status as European giants and stay at the top for a long period.

With the current squad and Klopp to look after them, Liverpool are on track for a successful period ahead.


(Video) Liverpool fans mobbed a cop car in New York amid Champions League celebrations

After missing out on the Premier League with just one point, the breathtaking season had a grand finale and finally a happy ending for both Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp.

The celebrations went on late into the night as the Reds lifted their 6th Champions League title.

All over the world the Liverpool faithfuls went absolutely wild after the historic win.

But a bizarre incident took place near the iconic Times Square when the supporters were on the street celebrating.

A passing police car was mobbed in the process and the supporters were seen jumping around it. It was said that the police wanted to disperse the procession, when the fans reacted by surrounding the car.

NYC KOPITES an Independent LFC supporters group from New York, posted the video on social media with the Caption “ We’re never gonna stop”.

Check out the incident below –

There’s an absolutely heartbreaking picture of Mauricio Pochettino doing the rounds among Tottenham fans

Saturday night, in what was popularly called as a thunderous showdown, Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hotspur with a 2-0 scoreline.

Jürgen Klopp & his monstrous team charged forward to win their long awaited Champions League title after 14 years. It was a victory earned with practice, precision & sweat.

Liverpool coloured Europe red & took with them back home their well deserved 6th UCL silverware.

While the Reds celebrated at the Metropolitano, Tottenham stood still on the grass. Their faces longed to change the outcome of the night.

Tottenham’s Champions League Dream

Tottenham reached the UCL Finals for the very first time in their long lifespan. No doubt, their manager, Mauricio Pochettino deserves the heartiest congratulations for taking the team to that level of brilliance.

After his defeat, he stood on the pitch addressing the Tottenham fans in the stadium. But the burden of loss was so heavy that his heart ached. Thousands of fans watched in lament as the Argentine wept, grieving the loss that occurred on that night at Madrid.

No man is strong enough to withstand the burden of loss in the finals. And certainly no supporter is strong enough to witness the breakdown of their beloved & cherished manager.

It was an emotional moment at the Metropolitano. Some Spurs supporters took to the internet to share the picture (via Reddit) of a grieving Pochettino.

Pochettino’s Devotion

In the last 5 years, the Argentine devoted himself to bring the team to the stage that it stands now. And the fans are more than satisfied with that.

Supporters on Reddit have strongly voiced their opinion that they are absolutely against the sacking of this great man.

Spurs had a disappointing end to a flourishing European season. They gloriously defeated sides like Manchester City & Ajax on their road to the final. In most cases Pochettino’s side played without their star players nevertheless bringing victory to the club.

Thus fans think that Pochettino deserves to be celebrated & thanked for bringing the 136 year old club to this stage of excellence. They irrevocably believe that in the coming years this man would be the one to bring home the UCL trophy.


(Video) Tottenham fans blame the sun for their loss against Liverpool

Paddy Power dropped their latest edition of the much appreciated Fan Denial series and it is based on the recent UEFA Champions League final match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

Liverpool won their 6th Champions League title ever in one of the rather boring finals witnessed in recent times.

It just wasn’t going to be a night to remember for Spurs as Liverpool canceled out everything the North Londoners had to throw at Virgil van Dijk and co.

Many Spurs fans blamed the decision to start Harry Kane over Lucas Moura despite the Brazilian’s heroics against Ajax in the semi-final which single-handedly sent the club in to the final of the most prestigious event in club football.

An understandable criticism from Spurs fans but it seems a few on the internet weren’t this rational and some even blamed the sun for their loss

Check out the hilarious video from Paddy Power below –


Female streaker who disrupted Liverpool v Spurs final has now racked up $4 million in ads for her boyfriend

The UEFA Champions League final held in Wanda Metropolitano was hardly an entertaining affair.

A penalty inside the 1st minute and an 87th minute goal pretty much summed up the entirety of the game.

However, one certain individual managed to make the headlines and seized the moment. Instagram model Kinsey Wolanski invaded the pitch in a black swimsuit causing the game to come to a temporary halt.

The turn of events at Wanda Metropolitano and the financial aftermath

Kinsey Wolanski is the 22 year old girlfriend of YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. Wolanski donned a black leotard with the text – Vitaly Uncensored.

Vitaly Uncensored is an x-rated website run by her boyfriend.

Kinsey dashed through the stewards before entering the pitch with her arms held high in the sky.

After bringing the game to a halt, she was escorted off the pitch. The aftermath of her antics have led her to become an overnight Instagram sensation.

From around 230,000 followers, Kinsey reached a million in less than 12 hours and as of now boasts 2.3 million followers.

A streaker himself, Vitaly invaded the 2014 World Cup final and subsequently received an international ban from all stadiums.

However, he disguised himself for the final at Wanda Metropolitano in order to witness his girlfriend making headlines and taking the world by storm.

Wolanski has made a huge impact on her boyfriends website following the pitch invasion.

The website currently has 32 million registered users as well as racking up $4 million in advertising, according to a report from Sputnik News.

After her release, Vitaly congratulated her along with the vow to marry her.

Check out a video of the incident during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Spurs below –


Video: Not sure how this Liverpool trainer will recover after getting nutmegged by Firmino in training

With the UEFA Champions League final fast approaching, Firmino faces a test against time to recover and play a part in the final.

Injured for the past month and missing the second leg against Barcelona, The fans may finally have something to cheer about as far as Bobby is concerned after Jurgen Klopp admitted that things are “looking good”.

Preparation for the big game

Ahead of the biggest game of their season, Liverpool are back in Melwood for their preparation.

Part of their training camp in Marbella, Spain was a practice match against Benfica B. The Reds won the game 3-0 at the Marbella complex but whether or not Firmino played a part is unknown as it was behind closed doors.

Fit or not, it was clear to see that the Brazilian hasn’t lost any of his touch as showed no mercy before nutmegging a Liverpool staff member while training yesterday.

Some fans believe that he is ready for the game and the “injury” is just mind games:

Mind games… He’s actually fully fit and raring to go :)— Jadon (@jadonc2304)

Some fans joked the staff member was a Barcelona defender:

Oh look, Barcelona’s defence— David Leaney (@DavidLeaney)

The fans will hope Firmino is fit enough to start the final. There’s no doubt that his presence is very crucial to the squad.

Firmino who is known for his pressing abilities even though him being a striker is the kind of tactical edge and difference that Liverpool possess that not many teams can boast.

Here’s hoping Bobby gets fit in time for the final!


Hollywood shows support for Liverpool ahead of the CL showdown v Spurs

Avengers Endgame directors, Anthony & Joe Russo published online a poster designed by Bosslogic.

It portrays Iron Man wearing a Liverpool jersey with the name, “STARK” on the back. The jersey number has been slyly given as 3000; a nod to the movie’s most famous line.

The Russo brothers wished Liverpool good fortune for the Champions League final & urged them to fight with enthusiasm & grit & energy. Hence the line, “Whatever It Takes.”

Fans however, haven’t stopped at just admiring the poster. They have taken it a step further by analysing its different tiny details.

One fine detail is Tony Stark holding the Mjolnir. As far as we know Stark wasn’t able to lift Thor’s hammer.

So could this possibly mean that he became worthy of lifting it after wearing the Liverpool jersey?

Also, to win in the Endgame, the Avengers had to lose in the Infinity War. So maybe last year was Liverpool’s Infinity War where they lost out to Real Madrid & maybe this time, in their Endgame they might win over Spurs at the Wanda Metropolitano.

But let’s not compare a movie to real life.

Though, it does seem like come this Saturday, the Merseyside won’t just have the backing of its supporters but also of the Earth’s mightiest hero, Iron Man.

Check out the tweet from the Russo brothers going viral online –


Tottenham players involved in the ‘worst rondo ever seen’ before the Champions League final

Only last few training sessions remain before Spurs and Liverpool meet in an epic English face-off this Saturday.

While this is a humongous occasion for Spurs, who have never played a Champions League Final before, they seem to have thrown some major doubts about their readiness for the finals.

Training session at Hotspur Way

Spurs recently held an open training session at the Hotspur Way. It was a chance for the public & global media alike, to see the team’s shape before the finals.

A journalist recorded a video of the Spurs players including Harry Kane involved in a rondo session in training.

Instead of perfect one-touch passes, the public got to witness one of the worst ball exchanges between some of the most reputable stars in football.

Here’s how to do a rondo right –

Fan Reaction

Some fans are trying to console themselves by saying that short one-touch passes are not their style of game.

Here’s hoping that Tottenham doesn’t make a fool out of themselves when they go up against Liverpool at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Or maybe this was all staged to lure Liverpool into a false sense of security before the finals.


Photo – An Everton household proudly displaying Spurs flag in Liverpool before the final

In an amusing photo shared online, a house presumably supporting Everton traditionally was seen bearing a Tottenham Hotspur flag.

The UCL final and it’s drama

Everton had a decent season and finished Eighth in the Premier League standings.

Liverpool , however, have been phenomenal this season. They narrowly lost to Manchester City in an intense Premier League title race.

The fans saw their side miraculously overturn a heavy deficit against Barcelona and reach the finals of the UEFA Champions League.

They face another team who plays with nothing to lose, Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs themselves had a dramatic season and they are hoping to prove their worth at the highest level of club football there is.

After a turbulent start to the season, Mauricio Pochettino’s side secured the fourth place in the Premier League, two spots behind Liverpool.

They too overcame a deficit against the youngblood Ajax team and won in a dramatic fashion in overtime. They will be looking to give their fans something to be proud of on Saturday.

The enemy’s enemy is a friend

While it is understandable that rival clubs temporarily support opponents of their rivals in hopes of rubbing salt into their wounds, such an abject show of support is really amusing.

The number plate of the house in the picture clearly shows that the family traditionally support Everton.

The shiny Everton crest on the number plate, however , would confuse passersby because of the flags that the house bears.

A Tottenham Hotspur flag is held between two windows, a not so subtle dig at their Merseyside rivals.

Via Twitter

Supporting a different club just to p*ss off your rivals

The last time Everton played Tottenham they were thrashed 6-2. Hence, a true Everton supporter showing such support for Tottenham just to spite local rivals Liverpool is extremely amusing to say the least.

But as they say, football fans are the most passionate on the face of the Earth. If supporting an opponent means the downfall of your own bitter rivals, so be it!

Many netizens found the photo ironically hilarious, considering that Everton haven’t achieved much in terms of silverware in a long time, and that their pride in an opponent club seemed unfounded.


(Video) Airport officials wouldn’t have liked this Liverpool fan singing the Firmino song on the tannoy

“Si Senor!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s something the kop wants you to know. Best in the world is Bobby Firmino!”

The above lines are lyrics to the song “Si Senor” made for Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino.

A recent video saw the above lines being sung at an airport by a Liverpool fan on his way to Madrid to watch his team play the Champions League final.

The video is doing rounds in social media and has been well received by fellow Liverpool fans, can’t say the same about the airport officials though.

Check out the video below –

The song was made by the Liverpool fans after Jurgen Klopp demanded a song for the Brazilian attacker last season in an interview.

“Do we already have a Bobby Firmino song?” asked Klopp. “But it’s only Bobby Firmino, right? That’s not a song, hello? So I think he really deserves a song. I order a song for Bobby”, he demanded.

Six months later, the fans came up with a brand new song for the Brazilian number nine at Turf Moor after his goal led the team to a 3-1 victory against Burnley. The tune is similar to a song sung by River Plate fans in Argentina.

The availability of Firmino in the upcoming final was a huge question for both the fans and the manager. However, Klopp has confirmed that the Brazilian “will be fine” for the Champions League final against Tottenham.


Everton fans are going to hate the absolute state of the Liverpool airport currently

The Liverpool John Lennon Airport (named after Beatles legend) control tower was captured with Liverpool FC banners placed on the railing as the countdown to the final continues.

Road to the final

Similar to Tottenham, Liverpool didn’t actually top their group. In fact, they just made it out of their group after being level on goal difference with Napoli.

In the round of 16, Liverpool played out a 0-0 draw at home before beating Bayern 3-1 in at Allianz Arena. A comfortable 2 legged tie paved way for their progress to the semi-final where they pulled off a stunning comeback against Barcelona.

They went 3-0 down in Camp Nou before winning 4-0 in Anfield without star strikers Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino. Liverpool play Tottenham in the finals of the UEFA Champions League on Saturday.

However, this Spurs side cannot be underestimated. After an amazing showing in the second half of the second leg, Spurs broke the hearts of the young and impressive Ajax side.

Ajax and their young army knocked out Juventus and Real Madrid before losing out to Spurs on away goals.

Liverpool will have to prepare for a potential return of Harry Kane who has confirmed his availability. They however will be without Naby Keita and Firmino is doubtful but has returned to training. Liverpool have no suspensions for the final.

The control tower at John Lennon Airport:

John Lennon airport control tower covered in Liverpool flags
Via Reddit

“How good would that look if you were flying in to sign for the club?” – Liverpool fans are really liking and appreciating the act of the officials in the control tower.

Very well for incoming Liverpool players, yes, plus it would be a nightmare for the traveling Blues at the John Lennon Airport.

The whole of Liverpool (excluding the blue part) will be cheering on their heroes as they prepare for their 3rd European Final in 4 years.

Liverpool lost out to Sevilla in the Europa League in 2015/16. Last season they suffered a 3-1 defeat in the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid. This year, they go in as favorites and will surely look to claim their 6th UEFA Champions League title.


Pic: Pochettino’s hometown in Argentina with a fantastic show of support for Spurs ahead of the final

Having gone through an amazing and tough season, Spurs are now just one game away from winning the biggest trophy in club football.

Tottenham barely managed to make it out of the group stages. They beat Dortmund in the following round. Played an exciting two legged tie against Manchester City. The semi-final game was their moment of the season.

The second half Lucas Moura hat-trick sent everyone into a frenzy. On the night, Pochettino could not hold back his tears and emotions.

He has managed so much with this Spurs side.

Now, his home-town as well the whole of Argentina will be hoping that his Tottenham Hotspur side win the tie against Liverpool.


Murphy, Hometown of Manager Pochettino and Goalkeeper Gazzaniga

Named after an Irish man who moved to Argentina to find employment. Murphy is a small town in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. The population is just 3,500. The town known for their countryside and their love for football.

Murphy has managed to give us 2 Champions League finalists – Mauricio Pochettino the manager of the fearless Tottenham side. Paulo Gazzaniga, the substitute goalkeeper who was playing in the second division of Spain 2 years back!

UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1962-63 and the UEFA Cup in 1971-72 and 1983-84, this could finally be the year that the Spurs win the biggest prize in club competition, the UEFA Champions League.

It won’t be easy but with the tactical brilliance of Mauricio Pochettino and the energy of the squad, we are set up for an amazing final on the 1st of June!