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Rodri’s on Fire: The Origin Story of the Catchy Chant Based on a 90s Dance Classic

Rodri’s on Fire: The Origin Story of the Catchy Chant Based on a 90s Dance Classic

Rodri scripted himself into the history books of Manchester City with the sensational winner in the Champions League final – so it’s not surprising for his teammates to show their appreciation towards him with a brand new chant.

The Spaniard was widely considered a bit of an unsung hero for the Manchester giants, but that definitely upgraded to ‘hero’ status with his antics in the Champions League final.

Soon after the Treble win, it didn’t take much time for Rodri and the rest of the players to kick-start what would be a few days of wild celebrations – featuring a really, really drunk Jack Grealish.

Amid all the Euphoria, the Manchester City squad itself formed a brand new chant for their new hero. It was seemingly formed by the party monster Jack Grealish, who started it during the post-UCL win celebrations before his teammates joined in.

The new Rodri chant goes something like this: “Rodri’s on fire, he scored! Rodri’s on fire, your defence is terrified!”

It didn’t take much time before this addictive little chant started going viral all around social media.

This chant is inspired by the 1990s dance classic song ‘Freed from Desire’ by the band Gala and this has really caught up with the majority of the Sky Blues’ fan base.

In a viral clip, thousands of the Premier League champions’ supporters can be heard singing the unique chant in unison and just having an absolutely wild time, jumping up and down to it and paying the ultimate tribute to their hero.

What was even more stunning about the entire Man City parade celebrations was that thousands weathered the storm on a rainy Manchester afternoon just to have a party with their fellow players. Fans have noted how they had an absolute blast in bursting out the Rodri chant and being involved in a bit of a rain dance to it in the torrential rain.

Even though he was completely out of it after a clear massive drinking session with his teammates, Rodri somehow managed to sober up after the Champions League celebrations and report for international duty for Spain days after it.

Not just that, but he picked up for his national side from where he left off for City – excelling in their win over Italy in the UEFA Nations League semi-final.

He was so good in it that the Spanish supporters in the stadium started their own rendition of ‘Rodri’s on Fire’, replacing the English words with Spanish ones to join in on this viral trend.

The 26-year-old midfielder appears to be at the height of his powers and is determined to help whichever team he represents win every possible trophy. He is someone who gets the job done on the pitch so that he can relax and have a lot of fun outside of it after securing major achievements.

With Rodri set to turn 27 on 22 June, it doesn’t take much guessing about which tune will be the hit one at his birthday party. To his credit, the hard-working Spaniard has deserved all the widespread praise he’s receiving – but will now need to learn how to thrive under pressure and cope with more expectations heading forward.