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How Jack Grealish Took Trophy Celebration Drinking to a Whole New Level

How Jack Grealish Took Trophy Celebration Drinking to a Whole New Level

Jack Grealish took the prospect of being drunk to a whole new level in the Manchester City Treble celebrations after their first-ever UEFA Champions League win. The Englishman almost appeared to be waiting for this win before going from a footballer to a 24×7 party freak whose diet seems to have changed from carbs to alcohol.

There was no real mincing about Grealish’s celebrations after the win either. Immediately after the Champions League success, there was an initial euphoria about the entire thing. Grealish went down crying on the pitch as the final whistle hit in Istanbul and then proceeded to celebrate the title win with his teammate as well as the trophy celebrations.

Jack Grealish Sets the Bar for Drunk Trophy Celebrations

Once they got off the pitch, however, he turned into a whole new personality. The Englishman is known for being quite a heavy drinker and has gotten in trouble for that in the past. He was criticized for flouting lockdown rules during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and has gotten into trouble for partying too hard during holiday periods in recent years.

This year, however, there is nobody to criticize him for partying because he’s achieved the biggest thing that a footballer can do in England – which is win the European treble. Even the City officials and players let him go and Grealish was adamant at being the biggest party freak in the entire squad.

It all started immediately after the game, as he started popping champagne and drinking expensive alcohol as the team made their way to the hotel and private jet to get back to Manchester. Grealish was so drunk that he even failed to change his jersey, being spotted at 6 AM the other day wearing the same clothes he won the Champions League in.

That, however, was only the start of the party. Grealish started his best George Best impression the next day after the Champions League success. He was seen multiple times dousing himself in alcohol and just having a ton of fun as the City players jetted out for a short trip to Ibiza after the title success.

On the day of City’s Treble-winning Open-bus parade in Manchester, on Monday, Grealish was pictured being dragged to the car by teammate Kyle Walker. Some felt that he might be down and out, but they were wrongly mistaken.

At this point, there are hundreds of clips of Grealish dancing around, drinking and being the best drinker you can party within the open-bus parade.  

His teammates only encouraged him to get even more sloshed, dousing him with beer and other alcohol – as he was even pictured drinking raw vodka out of the bottle.

The 27-year-old was arguably the biggest livewire of the City parade and he was even joined in by Erling Haaland, who at one point poured an entire bottle of champagne on top of his head – only for Grealish to barely react because of just how drunk he was.

Fans loved drunk Jack Grealish

The Englishman even admitted at one point that he didn’t even remember sleeping for the 24 hours after the Sky Blues’ Champions League success because of just how lively he was to party with his teammates.

To his credit, even though he’s been drinking at a dangerously rapid pace, Grealish has won over many fans with his antics. For many, he’s the kind of loveable, energetic mate you’d all want drinking with you and making sure you’d have a good time.

Pep Guardiola, for one, seems to have given him a free pass to drink however he wants and just party for the holiday period – before expecting Grealish to be sober and return fit for pre-season – which at this point seems quite unlikely!