Jack Grealish helps disabled fan live out dream before FA Cup clash against Fulham

Fans coming across their favourite stars and idols is always a delight to behold, similarly, this video of one such meet-up will probably be the most heartwarming thing you will see today.

Captured before Manchester City’s FA Cup tie against Fulham, it centres around a classy gesture from Jack Grealish, which made a fan’s day.

The moment occurs when Grealish enters the Etihad along with the rest of his team.

A number of fans can be seen near the entrance, all eager to see their favourite stars arrive.

While passing by the reception, Grealish is greeted by an exuberant supporter, who calls him by excitedly saying “Jack!”

The adorable call was heard by the forward, and with a smile on his face, he made his way towards the fan.

The wheelchair-bound supporter had her mother help out who tells Jack, “Her name’s Abbie, she loves you”.

The 26-year-old then proceeds to sign a shirt, while Abbie in the background can barely contain her happiness.

After Jack is done signing the pair quickly thank him as he appeared to continue going forward.

Instead, Grealish made the girl’s day further by walking up to her and giving her a hug.

The gesture had the girl grinning from ear to ear, a perfect moment with her favourite footballer.

The 4-1 win later that evening would’ve surely been the cherry atop the cake.