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Fans spot huge typo in Steven Bergwijn’s thigh tattoo

Fans spot huge typo in Steven Bergwijn’s thigh tattoo

Tottenham Hotspur enjoyed a good evening in the latest round of the FA Cup, as they welcomed Brighton to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

The Lilywhites won 3-1 on the night, but that figure could have easily been more had it not been for missed chances.

In particular, a miss by Steven Bergwijn which was painfully overstruck also ended by revealing a rather embarrassing mistake on one of his tattoos.

The Dutchman who came on during the second half alongside debutant Dejan Kulusevski had a golden chance to put his side 3 goals up.

The ball was passed in his direction after a neat bit of play by Kulusevski, but unfortunately, Bergwijn flashed his strike horribly off target.

Missing a tap-in wasn’t the only embarrassment he’d incur on the night as his reaction to the miss gave the cameras a view of the tattoo on his right thigh.

The ink reads ‘Blood thicker then water’, an obvious typo with the desired expression being – ‘Blood thicker than water’.

Fans quickly took note of the error and many reactions followed.

While the Dutchman can be forgiven considering English isn’t his native language, the typo is certainly a glaring error on the tattooist’s part. 

Tattoos are known to be a painful affair and it’s safe to assume correcting one involves undertaking strain that should’ve been unnecessary in the first place.