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Look: K-Pop Star Fuma Rocks 23/24 Juventus Home Kit for Photoshoot

Look: K-Pop Star Fuma Rocks 23/24 Juventus Home Kit for Photoshoot

Juventus has done a pretty good job at promoting themselves strongly in Asia – to the point that their attire is even being donned by K-pop star Fuma. He is a Japanese singer who is part of the K-pop/J-pop boy band &Team, which only broke through the music scene in 2022 itself.

To their credit, the band attained a lot of success with their debut album ‘First Howling: Me’ – which sold over 150,000 copies in Japan and hit the No. 1 spot in the peak music charts. Fuma has a major fan base because of his singing ability and attractive looks,  with thousands of fans going absolutely gaga over him ever since he broke through the J-pop/K-pop scene.

In fact, the entire band of &Team have become a major hit in the Japanese music scene and attracted a lot of sponsors as a result. As is the case with boy bands these days, they attract a lot of fashion labels who want them to promote their attires and there are magazines as well who want them on their cover.

One such magazine, Nylon – which has been operating since 1999 – is a major lifestyle and fashion magazine that has gained a lot of popularity over the last two decades. They also released their Japanese edition from 2004 onwards and over the last years, many Japanese boy bands as well as artists have featured in it.

Fuma appears for Nylon cover in Juventus jersey

For their latest edition, Nylon Japan decided to put &Team on their cover and also feature an interview with them in their magazine. As part of the magazine cover, the boy band had to undergo photoshoot sessions in which they needed to find the right pose and right attires that could attract eyes towards the magazine edition.

Most of the members of &Team decided to dress in stylish t-shirts and pants aided with a stylish jacket – which is something one would expect a musical artist to wear in the current day and age. Fuma, on the other hand, decided to ditch a normal shirt for a Juventus jersey.

The one he decided to wear was the latest home kit for the Bianconeri, which they will wear for their home games in the upcoming 2023/24 season. Adidas has changed the design a little bit for Juve’s new home kit, moving away from the conventional black and white stripes kit.

This kit does retain the black and white stripe style, but the black stripes have a unique design and there is a tinge of yellow added in the colour of their badge, and sponsor icons as well as in the collar area as well. Fuma appears to be a big fan of this design and decided to wear it for the picture that will be displayed in Nylon Japan.

Is Fuma a Juventus fan?

At this point, there is no real confirmation over whether Fuma is actually a Juventus supporter or that he is just wearing the kit because he likes the design. Juventus does have its own official fan club in Japan, which has hundreds of passionate members. Even though the club probably isn’t as popular as Real Madrid, Barcelona or the Premier League giants in the Land of the Rising Sun, they have a decent following nonetheless.

With that being said, Fuma has never confirmed for being attracted to football or his love for Juventus – which means there is still no real clarity over exactly why he chose to wear the Bianconeri’s home kit for this important photo shoot.