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Cristiano Ronaldo Caught Listening to Future: What Other Music Does He Like?

Cristiano Ronaldo Caught Listening to Future: What Other Music Does He Like?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a variety of goals in his career but when it comes to music his playlists also exhibit variety. In the lives of football players music definitely plays a big role. Players can be seen singing a particular song together or getting pumped up before an upcoming match.

Very often football players can be seen with their headphones on in the team bus or on the way to the stadium before a match.

Is Ronaldo a fan of Future?

Recently, in a video on X (formerly Twitter), the Al-Nassr forward was found in his room listening to the song “Lay Up” sung by American rapper Future.

An old photo of the former Real Madrid star has also resurfaced on the web. In the photo, Ronaldo is seen listening to music before a match with his phone facing the cameras.

On zooming in, it can be found that he was listening to the album ‘D2S’ which was released by Future in 2015. The album became a hit selling over 126,000 copies in the first week.

Which other artists does CR7 listen to?

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best to lace up a pair of footballing boots.

The captain of the Portuguese national team is known for his mentality and his nerves of steel. It is worth wondering how the 38-year-old finds the motivation and the hunger to push himself year after year even after achieving so much in his career.

Well, his humble background and his desire to become the greatest football player drive him forward. Besides that, Ronaldo also finds his inspiration from the music he listens to. Ronaldo listens to a lot of music from the 80s.

Some of CR7’s favourite artists are multiple-time Grammy award winners.

The Portuguese legend loves listening to Phil Collins, George Michael and Elton John. One of his favourite songs is R. Kelly’s 1998 song “I Believe I Can Fly”.

Speaking of electronic music, Ronaldo loves listening to Eric Prydz and Swedish House Mafia. However, his song preferences are not limited to English or American music.

As a Portuguese, he is also a big fan of Brazilian music.

Some time ago, Ronaldo made it public that “Livin la Vida Loca” sung by Ricky Martin was among his favourite songs. He said that he likes listening to Ricky Martin and that he is among his favourite artists. CR7 is a big fan of Latino hits.

Ronaldo himself revealed that he listens to a variety of music such as hip-hop music, pop music or reggaeton. It seems that in the genre of hip-hop and rap music, Future is one of his favourites.