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Thierry Henry ends debate on who is ‘real Ronaldo’ between R9 and CR7

Thierry Henry ends debate on who is ‘real Ronaldo’ between R9 and CR7

Debates and comparisons amongst the greats of football have been around for decades. One of these discourses involves the two Ronaldo’s, namely Ronaldo Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo

The objective of these discussions often amounts to determining who the ‘definitive’ or ‘real’ Ronaldo is. 

Both undoubtedly stand on the pantheon of the greatest players ever, however, that fact has never discouraged fans from pitting the two against each other. 

Over the years, even players have weighed in on the debate, the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kaka etc have all spoken their mind, and the recent entry on the list is former Arsenal forward Thierry Henry

The Gunners legend spoke on the matter during CBS’s broadcast of last night’s Champions League fixtures. 

The Frenchman was asked if he had ever asked for a player’s shirt during his career, and Henry responded by saying “Ronaldo”. 

He quickly clarified which one and said “R9, the Real Ronaldo”.  

His answer surprised those in the studio, but the former France international provided further context, “How many Ronaldo’s did you know growing up?”. 

Henry was then asked if he would refer to R9 as the ‘real’ Ronaldo, in response he said, “In the game, people will say the real one, Ronaldo is R9, Cristiano is Cristiano Ronaldo”. 

The matter of the ‘Real’ Ronaldo has extended to almost a decade at this point, with no apparent answer yet to be found. 

After all, how does one determine the better of 2 highly influential and generational talents? Nonetheless, if there is a person worthy enough of providing the answer, it’s Henry, as the Frenchman, aside from his exemplary career, has shared the pitch with both superstars. And evidently, Thierry Henry leans towards ‘El Fenomeno’.