Never Griddy Again: Christian Pulisic celebrates goal in style but fans are not happy

Chelsea took control of the first leg of their Champions League tie against Lille with a comfortable victory at Stamford Bridge.

Despite Tuchel’s decision of dropping Lukaku, Chelsea still managed to pull off an impressive display with Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic scoring in each half to secure a 2-0 win.

The two goal-scorers have been having a tremendous season so far despite suffering through a few injuries.

While both players were ecstatic with their goals at home, Christian Pulisic had some new celebration tricks in his bag.

After sliding towards the erupting crowd, the American international decided to try his best at doing ‘the Griddy,’ a Lousiana-based viral dance move.

But what is this Griddy dance?

The dance has its origins in the Lousiana State University and has been synonymous with NFL stars Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase, and has spread all across the sporting world.

Pulisic’s Griddy surely needs a lot of polishing as fans don’t seem very happy with his attempt.

The Griddy dance’s popularity had also pushed former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher into its rhythm while on duty for CBS Sports.

Last week the Sky Sports pundit was met with similar reactions as Pulisic’s as he had previously tried to emanate the dance.

When asked about his reactions to Carragher’s attempt, Pulisic confidently replied, “I don’t claim to be a dancer at all, but I still think mine might have been a little better.”