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Anthony Elanga shows Christian Pulisic how to do the Griddy

Anthony Elanga shows Christian Pulisic how to do the Griddy

A new football celebration is born almost every other week with stars experimenting and popularizing a variety of moves over the years and it seems a new one has just taken Europe by storm.

A host of top-flight footballers are now hitting the ‘Griddy’ dance after scoring.

Following his goal against Lille in the Champion’s League, Christian Pulisic attempted to hit the move at Stamford Bridge. But the credit goes not to the USMNT star who is a fan of the NFL where the dance became popular first. It was Manchester United’s young gun Anthony Elanga who did the ‘Griddy’ first after scoring against Brentford in January.

The winger was spotted going for it once again, this time on the biggest stage in European football as he did the dance after scoring the equalizer against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The dance became popular in the NFL first having been created by LSU (Louisiana State University) Tigers’ Allen Davis who posted it on his Snapchat, making the move viral.

The dance’s first major public appearance came when Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson hit the celebration after scoring a touchdown.

The dance includes a short shuffle with the feet, swinging both arms back and forth while also stopping to make an ‘OK’ symbol with both hands and bringing them up to make imaginary goggles.

Pulisic’s attempt did not quite finish all the steps in the dance as his teammates rushed to celebrate the goal before he could finish it once. However, Elanga followed all the right steps to put a perfect display of the ‘Griddy’ ensuring its popularity catches on amongst the footballing world.