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Jeremy Doku’s Griddy is the Coolest Celebration in Sports Right Now

Jeremy Doku’s Griddy is the Coolest Celebration in Sports Right Now

Jeremy Doku is proving to be a breath of fresh air that has electrified Manchester City’s frontline this season. The Belgian forward was roped in as Riyad Mahrez’s replacement and has quickly established himself as a guaranteed starter in Pep Guardiola’s side.

Doku produced his best display so far in a sky blue shirt in his side’s 6-1 romping of Bournemouth. Not only did Doku score the opening goal, but he was influential in setting up for more goals. Indeed, he ended the match with one goal and four assists – having five goal contributions in a single game!

The young winger is earning a lot of praise from Guardiola and loving life in Manchester. Doku is not only a menacing winger, but a fun-loving character who loves to show off his slick dance moves.

He seems to have created his own trademark celebration in the form of the ‘griddy’. Doku pulls off this dance move after scoring goals and has already done it with an utmost swagger in all 3 Man City kits for the 23/24 season.

For those unknowing, the Griddy is a dance move where a person taps their heels, either while walking or stood in one place, and swings their arms back and forth. A hand gesture of an ‘OK’ symbol is also produced while moving the arms around.

This was created by American high school footballer Allen ‘Griddy’ Davis back in 2018 through his TikTok skits. It has become a pretty popular dance step among the youth and some American sportspersons too. NFL side Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson was the person responsible for adding the ‘ok symbol’ to the dance move.

The Griddy has been replicated by footballer in the past too. Christian Pulisic did it after scoring for Chelsea in the Champions League a few years also. Juventus forward Moise Kean is a big fan of the griddy too. NBA stars love doing it too, but Doku’s griddy is probably a lesson to Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic on how to do a proper griddy.

However, Doku has made this celebration his own in football after repeatedly pulling it off in big matches this season. Fans have fallen in love with how smoothly he pulls the dance move off an his impressive transition from scoring goals to then following it up with the griddy.