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Kevin De Bruyne Stuns Fans with Correct Answer about Taylor Swift’s Dating Life

Kevin De Bruyne Stuns Fans with Correct Answer about Taylor Swift’s Dating Life

Kevin De Bruyne is known for his pinpoint crossing and sheer accuracy with everything he does on pitch, but not many would have expected him to be finely tuned and brushed up on his knowledge of pop culture.

In a surprising turn of events, it has come to light that the Manchester City magician is a actually indeed big Taylor Swift fan or as they are fondly called a ‘Swiftie’.

He’s also not the only big name in football who follows Swift. Even a certain Lionel Messi is an avid follower of the popstar and has even supported Taylor for her new mega-hit album, ‘Tortured Poets Society’.

So, during a recent interview with a Belgian sports channel, Red Devils duo Kevin De Bruyne and Jeremy Doku were asked about Taylor Swift’s dating life and to name her current partner. While Doku hilariously named the famous Nigerian rapper Rema and got it wildly wrong, Kevin didn’t miss. As He rarely ever does.

With utmost composure, Kevin showed off his pop culture knowledge as he accurately named Travis Kelce, a superstar of American Football who recently won the prestigious Super Bowl, as his answer.

His immediate and correct response even left the interviewer in bewilderment, as he credited his love and following for the National Football League or NFL, the league for American Football for his prompt answer.

The couple gained a lot of popularity and made it official after Swift’s heartwarming reaction to Travis winning the Super Bowl went viral online.

This is also not the first time Kevin De Bruyne has been seen showing his fandom for The famous popstar.

In a TikTok video recorded by his wife Michelle Lacroix, the 32 year-old is seen having a nice time with his son, making him laugh with his gestures on the hit song ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift.

It seems like De Bruyne has an ‘inner swiftie’ in himself which he channels publicly from time to time.

De Bruyne is certainly making it a routine assist in surprising fans with his talents beyond magic wand of a foot. Only last week in a Premier League geography test which went viral and made the rounds online. Kevin was one of the top rankers securing 5th place out of the 20 who played, one from each team in the league, correctly guessing the location of 16 of the 20 teams that play in the Premier League.

As accustomed as we are to see De Bruyne conducting his business with superiority and magic on the field, the Belgian’s many talents off it are equally impressive. He is probably having to diversify his knowledge portfolio for his growing kids.

Kevin De Bruyne has been making the headlines for all the right reasons, even becoming the playmaker with the second most number of assists in Premier League history only behind Ryan Giggs with his assist to Haaland against Tottenham. While that is what we have come to expect of him, his excellence outside the final third is something that might never be matched.