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Man City ace includes Tottenham and Chelsea men to make his ‘perfect player’ for BT Sport

Man City ace includes Tottenham and Chelsea men to make his ‘perfect player’ for BT Sport

Does the perfect player exist? To answer that question, we need to define a perfect player. And doing that is probably the hardest task there is because, with all the unique talent that exists in the footballing world, it is almost impossible to define perfection. Tricky situation, isn’t it?

The definition of perfection is opinionated, so it only makes sense to idealize a player that is an amalgam of certain qualities; qualities that are distinctive of other players that one finds appealing.

This is exactly what BT Sport did when they asked Manchester City’s creative midfielder Kevin De Bruyne (KDB) to create his version of a perfect player.

KDB was asked to create the perfect player – and what he served up was special!

The feature is up on YouTube where BT Sport asked KDB to create the perfect player. The player was required to have six specific attributes of a “perfect player”, and De Bryune had to create his perfect player by selecting those attribute from currently active footballers.

The attributes were leadership, vision, mentality, football brain, acceleration and work rate. The Belgian chose his compatriot and club captain Vincent Kompany for his leadership qualities, showering praise on him as he went about creating the perfect player. Sergio Ramos and City teammate Leroy Sane were his choices for mentality and acceleration respectively.

De Bruyne did not shy away from choosing himself for the football brain attribute, and in all fairness to him, we can’t really disagree with that, can we?

The midfield wizard is renowned for his technique and quality on the ball, pinpoint passing accuracy, the weight of pass, and extraordinary understanding of the game.

It was his choice for vision and work rate that caught the eye as he opted for the underrated Christian Eriksen’s vision and the omnipresent N’Golo Kante’s work rate.

Spoken of in high regard for his vision as well, KDB showed a touch of class by praising Eriksen as the Dane made the cut for the perfect player’s vision attribute. It was a gesture of great respect shown by De Bruyne in appreciating another’s talent over one’s own in the same department.

KDB also showed the utmost respect and adoration for Kante as he chose the Frenchman’s work rate over that of fellow club mates, past and present. It was a sign of true professionalism.

And while perfection is something that can be chased but never attained, De Bruyne’s choice of player qualities to create the “perfect” player are pretty darn good, for a player who’s not too bad himself. How good is Kevin De Bruyne and more importantly, how vital is he to City’s aspirations?

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  2. Kizza David says:

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