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The Real Reason Kevin De Bruyne Wore An Eyeliner Against Brighton

The Real Reason Kevin De Bruyne Wore An Eyeliner Against Brighton

Kevin De Bruyne is what some might call a manager’s perfect player.

He is technically gifted, has the ability to understand instructions and tactics, can lead the team, set up magnificent plays without the need for glory, and rarely makes the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The Belgian midfielder is not often associated with controversies or headline-worthy off-field activities like parties.

Even his fashion sense is seldom spoken about and his hairstyle has remained the same for as long as we can remember.

So when anything changes on the 31-year-old’s face, it catches everyone’s eye.

And it is the eye that caught our attention this time.

When Manchester City played Brighton yesterday, KDB turned up on the pitch with a black eye and a bruise on his face.

Fans were left confused as to why a player usually so elegant and to the point was wearing make-up.

Was he making a fashion statement?

Maybe he lost a bet?

Well, the real answer will please City supporters and anyone else who idolize him, for the bruise came during a football training session.

As reported by Mike Minay, a BBC Sports Commentator, someone kicked a ball that hit the Belgian’s face in training.

Turns out, just one good eye was enough for De Bruyne on Saturday.

To compensate, and perhaps tired of lackluster finishing from his teammates, KDB took matters into his own hands and scored a worldie from outside the box after a simple pass from Bernardo Silva.

Brighton were threatening a comeback when, at 2-0 goals down credits to Erling Haaland, Leandro Trossard managed to squeeze one past City keeper Ederson.

Just as the match was getting iffy for the home supporters, KDB produced this moment of magic to take the game away from the Seagulls.

He then proceeded to celebrate by joking about the hit he took in training. Talk about taking it in your stride.

He made light of the situation by copying Roberto Firmino’s celebration, covering his “normal” eye and only showing the injured eye.

Liverpool and Brazil striker Firmino first did this celebration in 2018, when he scored against PSG after a similar injury.

Regardless of the eye injury, Kevin De Bruyne played the whole 90 minutes and ended with a rating of 8.0, only behind Haaland and Silva.

The man with the armband made sure that his eye was no reason for a sub-par outing, with a complete performance in defense and attack.

Apart from scoring a goal, the Belgian had an xA of 0.54 and really should have gotten an assist if Mahrez had not spurned a golden opportunity. Kevin also made 7 recoveries and won two out of two tackles.

At the start of the 90, Brighton fans must have breathed a sigh of relief and seeing the City playmaker, not at his best fitness-wise.

At the end of the 90, they surely realized that it will take more than just a black eye to tame this player down.