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Fans Can’t Get Over Kevin De Bruyne’s New Loose Comb Over Hairstyle

Fans Can’t Get Over Kevin De Bruyne’s New Loose Comb Over Hairstyle

Kevin de Bruyne hosted a rather insightful Q&A session with the Manchester City supporters in ‘An Evening With Kevin de Bruyne’ held on December 11, 2023. The Belgian midfielder might be out of action for quite a few months now due to an injury, but keeps doing the off-the-pitch stuff to keep himself active in the footballing world.

As he recovers from his injury, De Bruyne seems to have undergone quite a stark physical transformation. Recent pictures of him have shown the midfielder to have become significantly slimmer, losing similar to what he did back in the 2015-16 period or so.

But it appears that De Bruyne has also changed up how he looks and appeared at his best physical shape in the Q&A session with the fans. The Belgian midfielder seems to have tweaked his hairstyle a little bit too and has gone with a rather simple yet smart look.

Recent pictures of the Manchester City star show that he has let his hair grow a little bit during his injury recovery period. It appears that the 31-year-old is now going with a rather ‘loose comb over’ style where he doesn’t really put that much effort into shaping his hair either.

De Bruyne seems to have simply combed his hair to be directed towards the left and a little parting done in the middle too. This is a rather simple yet elegant look for the blonde midfielder and a rather different one than the kind of hairstyle he has displayed over the past few years.

The Belgian star has mostly been a simple man in terms of hairstyle, almost always keeping a short hair shape. He’s mostly just kept his hairstyle aligned together in one definite shape, but this new longer hairstyle seems to be one where he’s just experimented a little bit.

De Bruyne proudly showed off his new look in the Q&A session, after actually debuting it in an event last month where he caught up with UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov as well. While some fans have been left rather stunned by the Manchester City star’s new appearance, most seem to really like the hairstyle that he has decided to pull off.

A lot of fans are in awe of how well this new style suits the Belgian midfielder and praised his decision to actually lengthen out his hair. Fans feel that De Bruyne is primed to come back with a bang with all the physical transformations that he has undergone over the last few months.

In general, most supporters are actually just surprised to see the Belgian midfielder with this much hair on his head, after he mostly kept a very short-hair look for the majority of his career. With that being said, it does remain to be seen if De Bruyne actually keeps this hairstyle in place when he returns to action for the Cityzens.

Pep Guardiola recently hinted that his star midfielder had started training on a football pitch again and nearing his return. Perhaps the best New Year’s gift for the Manchester City faithful will be the anticipated return of the majestic midfielder – possibly with this new longer hairstyle as well!

Featured Image Source: Twitter